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How come Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby Lee Split Up? The Successive Podcast Pair

In the latest celebrity news update in the USA, you are going to get all the information about Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby lee splitting up. Learn more about celebrity news today by reading the full article.

Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn, co-hosts of the TigerBelly podcast and well-known comedians, have split up. The former couple informed us of their separation in their joint podcasts.

Bobby Lee appears to be saying that he does not harbor any resentment toward his ex-wife, despite the fact that dealing with the breakup can be quite painful.

He appeared on their podcast in the most recent episode, Ep355: It’s difficult, Bobby and Khalyla break up, they say. Additionally, he stated that he regrets having to break up with Khalyla. She is his best friend and the love of his life, he continues.

The Sad Breakup of Khalyla Kuhn and Bobby Lee:

Khalyla Kuhn
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Khalyla is so special to him, he continued, that she would appear in at least five out of ten chapters of a book about his life. She has significantly altered his life in a variety of ways and helped him rediscover his true self.

On her podcast Trash Tuesday, Khalyla also discussed the split. She claimed in the most recent episode that her love for Bobby follows her wherever she goes.

They became more closer and never grew apart. According to sources, the former couple met in 2013 while using Tinder.

The long-lasting relationship of the pair was praised by their followers. As a result, when the couple announced their separation, fans were devastated and disappointed.

The ex-couple quickly gained popularity among listeners after they began their podcasts.

On social media, they also discussed their relationship’s high points. The duo frequently posted photos of one another on their individual Instagram accounts.

However, the reason for their breakup is still unknown. Fans of the pair were undoubtedly stunned and saddened by the news.

The couple was praised and admired by some commenters on the tabloid account @defnoodles’ revelation of the split.

Rumors about Kuhn cheating on Bobby!

Khalyla Kuhn

With an athlete called Brendan Schaub, Kuhn was allegedly caught cheating on Bobby in 2019. Bobby grew concerned when it was revealed that the two were exchanging text messages.

Assuring the spectators that they were only talking about sports and nothing romantic, sources suggest that Kuhn also made her point.

Also referred to as a gold digger in 2018, Kuhn. The host of the programme had earlier made a joke about not dating Bobby if it weren’t for the money. Although she later corrected her remarks on Instagram, this incensed online users.

In recent months, the ex-couple also disclosed that they were in an open relationship.

On the most recent episode of Trash Tuesday, Kuhn claimed that the notion of an open relationship was not her own.

Like Bobby Lee, Kuhn is a podcast host and an Instagram influencer. She co-hosts the Trash Tuesday podcast with her pals Annie Lederman and Esther Povitsky in addition to the TigerBelly podcast she co-hosts with Bobby.

On Instagram, Khalyla Kuhn has a sizable following with over 332k followers. Despite the fact that she and Bobby broke up, there were still images of them together on social media.

Additionally, Bobby is a fantastic stand-up comedian, actor, and media figure who has been in popular TV programmes including Love and Arrested Development.

He was best recognised for his work on Mad TV from 2001 until 2009, as well as for his parts in Pineapple Express, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, and the infamously funny film The Dictator.

Robert and Jeanie Lee, Korean immigrants from San Diego County, California, welcomed Bobby into the world on September 17, 1971. He has a younger brother named Steve, and the two of them were raised in Poway, California. Asa Akira, Charlie Finn, Margaret Cho, Chris D’Elia, Jordan Peele, and Stephen Rannazzisi were among the famous guests on Bobby’s podcast TigerBelly.

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