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Housing Complex C Season 1 Series: Latest Entertainment News!!

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Housing Complex C Season 1 Updates: Kimi is the main character in “Housing Complex C. She resides in a modest, low-cost housing complex in the seaside town of Kurosaki, where danger seems to follow her everywhere she goes and horrifying things start to happen. Does Housing Complex C’s population feel the presence of a protracted evil?

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A unique idea is Housing Complex C. The creator of the show goes by the moniker “amphibian,” a game developer who keeps his own biological name a secret. We are all admirers of Lovecraft, and when he created the narrative, he drew inspiration from him for the plot of Housing Complex C.

There are only four episodes of this miniseries, which features a horror theme.And my objective—which I’ve been sharing with Jason ever since we started working together to produce Uzumaki—is to establish a horror anime subgenre on Adult Swim. Therefore, Uzumaki was originally intended to be the first, and other horror anime would come after that.

Amphibian, who wrote the narrative and came up with the initial concept, directed Yuji Nara, and Studio Akatsuki animated Housing Complex C. Toonami’s Jason DeMarco, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Maki Terashima-Futura, and Production I.G. USA’s Maki Terashima-Futura


A press statement on Warner Bros Discovery’s website also unveiled the Housing Complex C English dub cast. As Kimi, Xanthe Huynh will be on the show alongside Kayli Mills and Jake Eberle. Sean Chiplock, Suzie Yeung, Doug Stone, Michael Sorich, Caitlin Glass, Janis Carroll, Bob Carter, and Ryan Colt Levy will also be a part of the dub cast.

The English voice actors for the upcoming original anime Housing Complex C on Adult Swim are Xanthe Huynh, Kayli Mills, and Jake Eberle. Beginning on Saturday, October 1 at Midnight ET/PT, the four-part series will premiere brand-new episodes as part of Adult Swim’s well-liked anime block Toonami, then the following day on HBO Max.

The English voice cast for Housing Complex C also features Sean Chiplock, Suzie Yeung, Doug Stone, Michael Sorich, Caitlin Glass, Janis Carroll, Bob Carter, and Ryan Colt Levy, well-known voice actors from the anime and video game industries.


One of the most watched Japanese anime television series is Housing Complex C. This show gained enormous popularity during the first few episodes of its premiere, and now it has its first season.

The fans are quite enthusiastic about this Housing Complex C Season 1 and are waiting to find out when it will be released. On October 1, 2022, Housing Complex C Season 1 will be made available.

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Housing Complex C Season 1
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