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Hospital Playlist Season 3: Update On Release Date, Cast & Much More

Hospital Playlist Season 3 is a famous tvN Korean drama that airs on Netflix every week. Generally, each episode is available on Netflix shortly after it airs, thanks to the dedicated subtitle team’s swift work. This 12-episode drama maintains the show’s hallmarks of heartfelt emotion, live performances, and medical hijinks. Hospital Playlist, like the first season, publishes one episode per week.

Season 2 Plot Update 

Jeon Mi-do, Jo Jung-Suk, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Dae-Myung, and Jung Kyung-ho reprise their roles in Hospital Playlist. They’re all surgeons who have known each other since medical school and are just as close off-screen as they are on-screen. Although there is a common theme of romance and friendship throughout the season, the majority of the episodes focus on specific cases and surgeries.

Has Hospital Playlist Been Picked Up For A Season 3

tvN has not renewed Hospital Playlist for season 3 as of this writing. Director Shin, on the other hand, is eager to investigate the possibility of a three-season show. This is the schedule they had in mind at the moment, but it is still subject to change. The cast has been warned that a third season is not certain and that they should “plan whatever projects they want to undertake.” This seems to imply that a third season may be on the way, although it does not appear to be in the near future.

Hospital Playlist Season 3

Hospital Playlist’s ratings have remained quite consistent, with each week’s increase. The number of people who watched Episode 5 increased dramatically, reaching a peak of 12.3 percent. As the season develops, we’ll be sure to update this section with further information.

Hospital Playlist Season 3: What we know so far

There isn’t much else for us to go on than Director Shin’s ideas on a three-season plan. When this season concludes, the cast and crew have been urged to arrange projects for the future, implying that season 3 is still a long way off. We don’t expect this one to be renewed anytime soon unless tvN and Shin make a complete 180-degree shift or reveal this as a major surprise. If Hospital Playlist is renewed, it’s safe to predict that season 3 won’t air until 2022.

This 12-episode drama is currently airing, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated in the coming weeks with links to our finale summary and complete season review! We’ll try to keep this page updated as new information becomes available.


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