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Honda And Acura Are Expanding Its Certified Pre-Owned Programme To Include Vehicles That Are Up To Ten Years Old:

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Honda And Acura Are Expanding Its Certified Pre-Owned Programme

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Traditionally, certified pre-owned automobiles at a dealership were no more than three or four years old, as they had to undergo a more stringent inspection and come with a manufacturer guarantee and roadside assistance.

The older vehicles will be referred to as HondaTrue Used and Acura Precision Used instead of certified pre-owned Hondas and Acuras.

The purpose of both programmes is to attract younger, first-time purchasers who might not otherwise be able to afford a new or CPO vehicle from either brand but want to own a vehicle that is known for its quality and durability.

The company hopes that this keeps them in the Honda family for years to come, as 53 per cent of certified pre-owned consumers are new to the brand and 42 per cent eventually return to buy a new Honda vehicle.

Dan Rodriguez, American Honda’s Auto Remarketing Manager, tells USA TODAY over the phone, “We’re trying to develop a relationship that lasts a lifetime.”

“We see it as a way to bring (young customers) in through Honda TrueUsed, transition them to CPO, which is a somewhat newer vehicle, and eventually transfer them to a new vehicle,” says the company.

Carvana And Carmax Are Being Held Accountable:

Honda is taking on not only other carmakers but also third-party services like CarMax and Carvana, with the new programme currently in place at select dealers and the rest of the network to follow by June.

According to Rodriguez, Honda had already looked into the warranties and inspections on cars purchased through third-party firms such as CarMax and Carvana and discovered that there was an opportunity for improvement.

“We offered a warranty that was comparable to, if not superior to, theirs.”

With new car prices at an all-time high, used car prices at an all-time high, and no end in sight to supply chain difficulties, the timing couldn’t have been better.

One thing to keep in mind: older Hondas and Acuras don’t come with the same bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties as newer CPO models.

They Do, However, Come With Greater Guarantees Than A Conventional Used Car Would:

  • Powertrain and non-powertrain parts have a 100-day, 5,000-mile limited warranty.
  • The exchange policy is three days or 300 miles (for another Honda CPO car).

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  • During the first year or 12,000 miles, you will receive one complimentary oil change.
  • Towing to a local Honda dealership, flat tyre changes, emergency fuel delivery, lockout, and battery jump services are all available for the duration of the non-powertrain warranty.
  • Reimbursement for missed flights.
  • SiriusXM trial is free for 90 days.

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Honda And Acura Are Expanding Its Certified Pre-Owned Programme

Honda Care prepaid service contracts, which cover critical systems like the engine, transmission, suspension, heating and cooling, and fuel systems, are also being considered for HondaTrue Used vehicles, according to Rodriguez.

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Instead of including the entire contract in the purchase price, they would be offered as a subscription-based model.

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There is no mileage limit on Acura Precision Used automobiles between the ages of 6 and 10.

The Warranty Is Slightly Better Than Honda’s:

The cars come with a 6-month/7,500-mile powertrain and other components warranty, one complimentary oil change, equivalent roadside support, and a 7-day/300-mile exchange period.

Why Not Increase the Length Of The Warranties?

For starters, the vehicles have previously been subjected to a 112-point assessment (which prospective buyers can download before test-driving).

CPO vehicles, on the other hand, must satisfy 182 requirements. What exactly is the distinction?

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CPOs must appear new, whereas HondaTrue Used places a greater emphasis on mechanical and safety issues.

We believe that the more essential thing for the customer is to know that they’re receiving a safe, trustworthy automobile with backup – not just from an insurance-type warranty, but from the (manufacturer) as well.”

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