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Highwater First Trailer of Summer Game

Highwater, a nonmainstream game set in a post-environment crisis world, has quite recently been uncovered at Summer Game Fest. It will send off in the not-so-distant future and is coming to PC.

The declaration trailer was divulged throughout the Summer Game Fest exhibit, providing us with a sample of what this melancholic nonmainstream has coming up for us.

“One thing we can’t deny is that the world finished on a bright day”, says a radio moderator in Highwater, as a boat tenant awakens in a soiled. We see shots of a city totally crushed and lowered by flooding – a creepy indication of what a few regions of the planet are now encountering because of the environmental crisis.

Highwater is a turn-based technique game, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t seem like we got a gander at the ongoing interaction in this uncovered film. Notwithstanding, we truly do have a thought of what subjects the story will investigate, with an administration organization accumulating supplies and even discussion about elites getting away from the synthetic obliteration and living by living on Mars. It appears to be that we’ll play as survivors, riding through the post-end times and battling to scrape by.

The Steam page provides us with a shockingly better thought of what’s in store. The portrayal peruses: “In the midst of the Great Climate Catastrophe, the overflowed locale of Hightower has turned into a sort of safe zone between the two dry districts: the almost worldwide desolated place that is known for the War Zone, and the strengthened city of Alphaville, where the super-rich live behind monster walls.”

The Features of the Game Highwater


Rich, Story-Driven Adventure

Set out on an experience as you attempt to get away from the overflowed area between the War Zone and Alphaville to somewhere safe. En route, the story will unfurl through new partners you meet and the climate you investigate.

  • 3D Exploration and Discovery

Players will actually want to openly drive in their boat to various islands in this overflowed world to experience risk, associate with kinsmen, and experience wonderful views.

  • Turn-Based Combat With A Twist

Take on your foes in an exemplary turn-based game framework, yet to come out alive, you should depend vigorously on collaborating with the climate. Use articles and things around the matrix framework to overcome your adversaries.

  • Pay attention To Great Radio Tunes

Highwater Pirate Radio is the critical wellspring of unique music as well as a vocal editorial on your pass to endurance.

Launch Date

Highwater is being created by Rogue Games and is accessible to a list of things to get on Steam now. It will be accessible on PC solely through Steam. The trailer essentially says it is “coming 2022”, yet the Steam page says it is going for the gold send-off.

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