High Seas Season 3: Review, Release, Cast Info, Plot and Other Details

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HIGH SEAS is one of the upcoming Spanish series and was created by Ramon Campos, Gema R. Neira. These two creators will come back to this series. The entire producers had promised that there will be next season on this series. This series was produced by so many members and it was produced by Ramon Campos, Maria Cervera, Teresa Fernandez Valdes, Gema R.

Neira, and Arturo Diaz. I hope these producers will return back to this series. Spain is the country of origin and English is the original language. Netflix is the distributor of this series.




High Seas Season 3: Plot Lines

In this series, there were two main characters named Eva and Carolina Villanueva. After their father’s death, both of them decided to move from Spain to Brazil and once again boarded the Barbara de Braganza for a journey. Further Eva, a successful author, is tasked by Brazilian spy Fabio to scrutinize the passenger records and find out which of those on-board is a doctor who developed a deadly virus for the Nazis. On the other hand, there was a mysterious woman Luisa and she asked help from two sisters Eva, Carolina. Further, this series is full of twists, crime and drama in mysterious manner. This is the reason that this show has a devoted fan base. They’ll be entertained by this six episode series and due to its popularity probably next season is also under process.


High Seas Season 3: Cast and Characters

There were so many leading roles in this series and some of the leading characters include Ivana Baquero acted as Eva Villanueva, Alejandra Onieva acted as Carolina Villanueva, Jon Kortajarena acted as Nicolas Vazquez, Eloy Azorin acted as Fernando Fabregas, Manuela Velles acted as Luisa Castro Bermudeuz, Chiqui Fernandez acted as Francisca de Garcia, Jose Sacristan acted as Pedro Villanueuva, Natalia Rodriguez acted as Natalia Fabregas, Antonio Duran acted as detective Varela, Tamar Novas acted as Sebastian, Ignacio Montes acted as Dimas, etc and may other characters are also included.

High Seas Season 3: Release Date


The very first season with 08 episode was premiered on 24th May 2019. The second season was with 08 episode was premiered on November 22, 2019. The third season was premiered on its scheduled date i.e on August 7, 2020. I hope fans get satisfied by this information.
I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. We will surely update each and every single updates so stay tuned for more updates.

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