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Here Are The Most Recent Updates For The Movie Hypochondriac!!!

Hypochondriac Movie Updates: The trailer for Hypochondriac, a forthcoming horror film about a guy plagued by childhood trauma and nightmare visions, will exclusively premiere on Collider.

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Zach Villa plays Will, a gay potter who loses control of his life when his worst nightmares come to life, in the film.
The first scene in the trailer shows Will sitting by himself in a corner of an empty space. It doesn’t take us long to realise why the man appears to be agitated. Will is being stalked by a devilish being with pointed teeth and glowing, yellow eyes.
Will has good reason to doubt his sanity because it appears that only he can see the creature ready to attack its prey in the darkness.
Although Will’s illness was diagnosed as being caused by stress, he will go to any lengths to find out what caused it.
The name of the movie, Hypochondriac, which refers to the medical disorder that causes people to self-diagnose and abuse medications, is not a coincidence.

In the trailer, we also get a peek of Will’s life before the creature starts pursuing him. Will has a career as a potter, one that he appears to enjoy.

Additionally, he has a supportive boyfriend who loves him dearly.We could therefore remark that Will’s routine is admirable even if there is no such thing as a perfect life.

But when Will collapses for no apparent reason, he is forced to face the horrors of his past. Will’s mother allegedly tried to kill him when he was a child, a tragic incident that resulted in her being confined to a mental hospital.

When Will begins to experience visions, he can’t help but question if he inherited his mother’s mental health problems or if she perhaps had the ability to see things that others couldn’t.

Hypochondriac Movie


Will is a boisterous young homosexual Hispanic potter. His employer is awful, but he has a fantastic job and a great boyfriend. Unfortunately, he desperately wants to conceal a violent history and mental illness from which he has a concealed past.
After ten years of silence, his bipolar mother emerges, and he starts to experience strange symptoms. Obsessed with this mystery of his own, he spirals into an obsession.


In his first feature picture, Addison Heimann wrote and directed Hypochondriac.
Devon Graye, Paget Brewster, Marlene Forte, Madeline Zima, Yumarie Morales, and Chris Doubek also appear in the movie.
On July 29, Hypochondriac will be released in theatres. On August 4, the movie will thereafter be accessible digitally and on video on demand.

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