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Here are the Most Recent Chained Soldier 2023 Updates

Here are the Most Recent Chained Soldier 2023 Updates

In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the details about a Chained Soldier anime 2023.

Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave), which made its debut in Shonen Jump+ in January 2019, has been a certified hit after selling over 1.5 million copies.

More details about the eagerly awaited anime adaptation of Takahiro and Yohei Takemura’s manga series are starting to surface in 2023.

An updated on-location behind-the-scenes film features Yuya Hirose, the voice actor who plays Yuki Wakura.

Fans can watch the animation team at Seven Arcs at work on the show as they talk about their love for it and what viewers should be on the lookout for. Watch it now!

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Concerning Chained Soldier:

Chained Soldier
Anime Corner

Takahiro and Yohei Takemura are the creators of the manga series Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave).

Monsters known as Shuuki began to threaten humans as mysterious portals to the “Mato” dimension surfaced. The Mato fruit, which granted women superpowers and enabled them to establish a matriarchal regime that put men at the bottom of the social scale, offered hope.

In such circumstances, the protagonist Yuuki encountered Kyouka, the Seventh squad leader of the Anti-Demon Corps, who made him his slave.

Shonen Jump+ is currently serializing Chained Soldier. In the series, unearthly locales known as “demon cities” start to sprout around Japan, giving those who ate the peaches that were grown there special abilities—but only if they were female.

One day, Yuuki Wagura (Yuya Hirose), a depressed high school student, finds himself trapped at the gateway to a demonic metropolis.

He encounters Kyoka Uzen (Akari Kito), the stunning head of the seven Magical Defense Corps programs, who gives him the order to serve her as her slave. In this fantasy series, Yuuki uses Kyoka’s powers as a slave to battle terrible demons.

The show is being produced by Studio Seven Arcs. The voices of Yki and Kyka will be provided by Yya Hirose (Haruka Isumi from Idolish7) and Akari Kit (Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba).

The Staff is as follows:

• Chief director Junji Nishimura (Vlad Love)
• Director Gor Kuji (Bungo to Alchemist)
• Character designer Hiroyuki Yamashii (Just Because!)
• Colorist Kaoru Nishimura (Dances with the Dragons)
• Akira Kindaichi and Ryota Kan wrote the scripts.

The Previously Revealed Cast Consists of:

• Himari Azuma — Yume Miyamoto
• Nei Ookawamura and Hina Tachibana
• Shushu and Mari Suruga
• Tenka Izumo and Maaya Uchida
• Yachiho Azuma and Nene Hieda
• Sahara Wakasa and Reina Ueda

The Anime Chained Soldier Was Released on:

According to the anime’s official website, the previously announced anime adaptation of the Chained Soldier manga series will debut in 2023.

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