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Here are the complete updates of the Movie Called Get Away If You Can.

Here is the latest updates about the movie called “Get away if you can” Read the full article to know more about this movie.

The 2022 movie Get Away If You Can, directed by Terrence Martin and Dominique Brun, will hit theatres on August 19. The running time of this English-language film is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The main cast of this film includes Ed Harris, Terrence Martin, Riley Smith, Dominique Braun, and Martina Gusman. Get Away If You Can be offered under the thriller and suspense categories.

To suggest that Ed Harris has disappeared would not be accurate. The actor is undoubtedly a menacing presence on HBO’s Westworld, and he is currently appearing in Top Gun: Maverick as a strict authoritarian character.

However, it seems increasingly uncommon to see a role that allows the four-time Oscar-nominated Apollo 13 actor to shine as he does in the Get Away If You Can trailer. Terrence Martin and Dominque Braun also share writing, producing, and directing duties in this Oceanside thriller, which also stars Terrence Martin.

Harris was a standout character in The Lost Daughter on Netflix last year, and he’ll have a significant impact in the right supporting role in upcoming films like mother!, Rules Don’t Apply, and even Geostorm. It happens much less frequently when an actor genuinely commits to a part and makes it his own. But that doesn’t mean his best work has been done.

In actuality, far from it. Simply said, catching the prestige actor in action in a significant way is getting less and less likely. In that regard, it’s energizing to see a performer like Harris savor the opportunity to play it large and threatening in the enigmatic teaser.

Get Away If You Can Trailer

Get Away If You Can

Get Away If You Can is about a struggling married couple (Martin, Braun) who believe that sailing across the open ocean can rekindle the spark that has been lost between them, according to the narrative synopsis, even though the teaser is vague with the specifics.

However, one of them refusing to visit a mysterious abandoned island sends the other spiraling on a profound mental trip that necessitates some serious survival choices, which strains their relationship to the breaking point.

Although the blurb describes the movie as an introspective drama, the trailer gives the impression that it is an intense love thriller. We’ll have to wait till the film is out to find out what category it falls into.

However, as you can see from this teaser, Harris can truly create a meal out of a performance when given the chance to shine. Indeed, Get Away If You Can serve as yet another excellent reminder of why Harris continues to be one of our best actors, regardless of how much screen time the actor receives in the finished movie.

Should this new movie ultimately go in that direction, Harris keeps your attention with each snarl, sneer, and dramatic line reading. He also demonstrates that he is a fantastically menacing villain. Even though it’s too early to tell, we’ll find out soon enough because the independent movie won’t be out for another few weeks. Starting on August 19, Get Away If You Can be available on VOD and in a few theatres.

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