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Here are the Benefits of the new Bluetooth LE Audio Specification for consumers

The Bluetooth LE Audio protocol will enable multiple streams, have a low energy drain and have excellent sound quality.
The most recent Bluetooth wireless specification, Bluetooth LE Audio, which includes several new features for wireless audio streaming, is finally finished.

In essence, this means that soon we will start seeing a new generation of wireless headphones that are more power-efficient, have excellent audio quality, and support Auracast broadcast audio, a new feature that enables one audio source to broadcast stream to a “infinite” number of users.

Additionally, the updated specification provides compatibility for hearing aids, and items with the upgrade are anticipated to be on sale in the near future.

In simpler terms, Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, or Bluetooth LE Audio, can be described as a much-anticipated Bluetooth audio segment upgrade that, by default, will offer a number of features that were previously difficult to access. Bluetooth LE Audio was first announced by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) in 2020.

“Our members completed the greatest standard development project in the Bluetooth SIG’s history by overcoming the numerous obstacles that were put in their way over the past few years.

According to Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth SIG, LE Music pushes the limits of what is achievable in the wireless audio market.

• Hearing aids are supported by Bluetooth LE Audio.
• In the upcoming months, consumer products are anticipated to debut.
• The LC3 codec is a part of Bluetooth LE Audio.

The Improved Overall Audio Performance over Bluetooth Connection Is The First of the Bluetooth LE Audio

Bluetooth LE Audio

In addition to less lag than Classic Bluetooth, there will also be a greater audio quality transmission for a better listening experience.

Games with a competitive element will notably benefit from this. According to a Bluetooth SIG representative quoted by ArsTechnica, the new specification also has a minimum latency of 20 to 30 ms, which is lower than the 100 to 200 ms of Bluetooth Classic audio.

The Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3) will additionally deliver high-quality audio with minimal power consumption.

According to Bluetooth SIG

Developers will have a lot of flexibility with LC3, allowing them to more effectively balance design trade-offs between crucial product elements like audio quality and power consumption.

Auracast broadcast audio, which enables an audio source device to send multiple streams to a “infinite” number of audio sync devices, has also gained support.

For instance, you and your friend could wish to use your phone to listen to a new song while in a crowd of people.

Two Bluetooth headsets can be connected to the phone so you can listen to it privately. Another application for it might be in the gym, where musical preferences vary.

Bluetooth headsets can be used by people with similar interests to connect to a single audio source and listen to music privately.

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio Functionality has already been introduced to android 13

Support for hearing aids is another key characteristic that will enable the creation of Bluetooth hearing aids that consume little power and generate high-quality audio.

The qualification for consumer products wishing to add support for LE Audio, according to Bluetooth SIG, is now enabled.

This indicates that the first consumer-focused Bluetooth LE Audio products are anticipated to be released in the upcoming months. By the end of the year, it’s anticipated that availability of these products would increase.

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