Hello Ninja Season 5: Is it Confirmed To Release On Netflix?

Hello Ninja Season 5 Updates: is an American animated television series. The series has been created by N.D.Wilson. The series has been based on Hello Ninja (created by N.D. Wilson). Susan Kim is the writer of the series. Brian Carson and Dave Bassett are the composers of the series. Michael Dowding is the director of the series and Linda Lamontagne is the producer of the series. Andrew McSherry is the editor of the series.

N.D Wilson, Matthew Berkowitz, Aaron Rench, Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Grace Ledding, and Mark Palmer serves as the executive producers of the series. The production company behind the series are Netflix Animation, Atomic Cartoons, and Gorilla Poet. 4 seasons of the series has been already released .now Season 5 is coming up.
Here are the details of Season 5, like when it will go to release? Who all will be there in Season 5? And what is the story of Season 5? Let have a sneak peek into it –

Plot Lines Of Hello Ninja Season 5

In the last episode of Season 4, we have seen that Baa Chan send Pretzel and the kids to get the mystery package that was lying on the other side of the block. They have to face so many obstacles to reach Mrs.Campbell House, who afterward deliver them box.

Hello Ninja Season 5

And the box disclosed that medals are the possession of Baa Chan, who later awarded the trio with those medals for their courage and confidence. Surely, in season 5 we will come across more adventures done by the characters, which will also give life lessons.

Cast and Characters Of The Show

Wesley the most energetic and enthusiastic character was voiced by Lukas Engel. Georgie was voiced by his best friend Zoey Siewart.

Pretzel was voiced by Sam Vincent. Wesley’s parents were voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent and Vincent Tong. Baa-Chan and Gen were voiced by Mayumi Yoshida. And Zeke was voiced by Travis Turner.
The same will be expected for Season 5.

Release Date of Hello Ninja Season 5

Season 4 of the series has been released on January 19, 2021. There are 10 episodes in season 4 and each episode is of 12-14 minutes. The show has gained huge fans over the years, and even series has been suitable for children. There is no official news for the renew of Season 5, if it will renew then we can expect that Season 5 will be released by the end of 2021.

We have been tracking the information about this series once we get official update we will surely update each and every single updates. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information.