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Haymaker: About To Premiere In Jan 2021? Everything Here!

Haymaker Updates: is one of the interesting American films. It is in the genre of action and drama film. Nick Sasso is the writer and director of this film. Nomi Ruiz, Nick Sasso, and Andrew van den Houten are the producers of this film.

Christopher Thomas is the composer of this film. Brent Johnson is the cinematographer of this film. Nick Sasso is the editor of this film. David Guglielmo is the casting director of this film. Joe Cavazos, Travis Devine, and Jeff Subik is the production designer of this film.

The United States is the country of origin and English, Greek and Thai is the original language of this film. New York City, New York, and the United States of America are the filming locations of this film.

Plot Lines Of Haymaker

This film mainly follows the retired person Muay Thai fighter who is working as the bouncer and also who has to rescue an alluring transgender performer named Ruiz who has been from a nefarious thug but also becoming her bodyguard, protector, and also the confidant.

Haymaker Film

This is the relationship which was leads to Sasso’s character to make an unexpected return to the fighting also risking not only in his relationship but also in his life. This is the main story which is all about human dignity and also loves. This is such an interesting film to watch. There is a lot of twist and turns are also included in this film.

Cast Characters Of The Show

There are many main cast and characters are there in this film they are Zoe Bell acted as Rosie, Veronica Falcon acted as Marisol, D.B. Sweeney acted as Mack, Udo Kier acted as David, John Ventimiglia acted as Javier, Nomi Ruiz acted as Nomi, Kathryn Kates acted as Mama, David M Sandoval Jr. acted as Fighter, George Zouvelos acted as John Bartender, Michael Straka acted as Broadcaster, Deborah Unger acted as Nurse June, Nick Sasso acted as Nick, Steve Lord acted as Goon, Adele Rene acted as Delilah, Olan Montgomery acted as Bluto, James Ferris acted as Concierge and many other members are also there in this film.

Release Details Of Haymaker

The running time of the Haymaker film is up to 1 Hour 23 minutes. This film has planned to release in the United States on 29th January 2021. I hope it will be released on the same fixed date. There is an extraordinary trailer clip and it’s available on the online platform.

So fans can take an overview of this film. We have been tracking the information about this film once we get an official update we will surely update each and every single update. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information.


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