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Harry Styles Allegedly Spits On Chris Pine, Kisses Nick Kroll On The Lips At ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Premiere!!

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Harry Styles Updates: The audience at the “Don’t Worry Darling” premiere erupted in applause and cheers when Harry Styles planted a kiss on co-star Nick Kroll’s lips.

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In a widely shared video, the former member of One Direction is seen gripping Kroll’s face and luring him in for a kiss. They eventually laugh off the incident.

Fans on social media, however, were more interested in a video of Harry appearing to spit on co-star Chris Pine than the kiss itself. The musician can be seen stooping to take a seat in the footage just as he appears to be spitting on Pine.

However, in a different video taken at the same time, Harry doesn’t seem to be acting inappropriately toward his co-star.

But the video sparked a debate on social media, with people again watching the scene to see if Harry was really spitting on Chris.

One Twitter user wrote, “After 400 rewatches, I still can’t decide.”

Another supporter chimed in, “Here’s another viewpoint, quit saying Harry spat on Chris, quit making needless drama, and go to sleep.”


A boisterous five-minute standing ovation for the film was given at the festival.

Styles portrays Jack in “Don’t Worry Darling,” a mysterious project run by Chris Pine’s charismatic cult leader in a mid-century-inspired experimental community. Jack works for the Victory Project.

Alice, who is portrayed by Florence Pugh as Jack’s wife, is provided with every comfort possible in exchange for her silence. She quickly begins to notice gaps in the veneer, though.

Just to be clear, Chris Pine was not spit on by Harry Styles. Any idea that there is anything but respect between these two men is a clear attempt to generate drama that simply does not exist.

Harry Styles has now commented on the occurrence. On September 7, Styles announced from the stage that this was their eleventh performance at Madison Square Garden.

Being back in New York is great, wonderful, wonderful. I recently flew over to Venice in order to spit on Chris Pine. But don’t worry, we’re back!” there were loud cheers.

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