Happiest Season

Happiest Season: Possibilities & Everything we Know So Far

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Happiest Season is an upcoming American romantic comedy film This film has directed by Clea DuVall.  This film was produced and the screenplay was done by Marty Bowen and Isaac Klausner.

The music for this film was done by Amie Doherty. John Guleserian is the cinematographer of this film. Production companies for this film are Entertainment One, TriStar Pictures, and Temple Hill Entertainment.

This film will be distributed by Hulu in the United States and an International platform by Sony Pictures. The United States is the country of origin and English is the original language of the series.  Most of the fans are eagerly waiting to watch this film.

Happiest Season: Plotline

The story of this film revolves around a young woman who plans to propose marriage to her girlfriend when she was attending her family’s annual holiday party.  She was so busy, involved, and enjoying the party due to which at the end of the party she realizes that she has not come out with her own parents yet and this shows the interesting part of this film.

Happiest Season

Happiest Season: Cast & Characters

There were so many leading roles in this film and some of the leading roles include Kristen Stewart acted as Abby, Mackenzie Davis acted as Harper, Mary Steenburgen acted as Tipper, Victor Garber acted as Ted, Alison Brie acted as Sloane, Aubrey Plaza acted as Riley, Dan Levy acted as John, Mary Holland acted as Jane, Ana Gasteyer acted as Zelia, Burl Moseley acted as Eric, Sarayu Blue acted as Carolyn, Jake McDorman acted as Liam, Clea DuVall acted as Georgia and many other members are also included in the supporting role in this film.


Filming for this film was started on 21st January 2020 at various locations in Pittsburgh. Filming of this film had interrupted and was stopped due to the pandemic effect of COVID 19 on 28th February 2020. However, it resumed and ready to entertain the viewers.

Happiest Season: Release date

Initially, this series was scheduled to release on theatre on 20th November 2020 but later it has rescheduled to be released digitally in the United States on 25th November 2020 by Hulu.

The original soundtrack of the film has released on 6th November 2020 which is through Warner Records and some other feature songs.

We will surely update each and every single update. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information.

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