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Gunman Kills 11 After Family Dispute

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Here is the Latest World News Update Today About: Gunman Kills 11 After Family Dispute

In the Montenegrin city of Cetinje, a shooting that followed a family argument has resulted in at least 11 fatalities.

Officials said that one shooter killed three members of the same family before turning his pistol on bystanders.

Journalists were informed by prosecutor Andrijana Nastic that a mother and her two children who were all staying at the shooter’s home were dead.

When a bystander fatally shot the 34-year-old gunman, the assault was finally over.

According to state television RTCG, the 34-year-old shooter injured six further persons in the city of Cetinje’s Medovina neighbourhood, which is close to the location of the previous royal government, including a police officer.

The city is located 36 kilometres (22 miles) west of Podogrica, the nation’s present capital.

According to witnesses, the shooter was shooting indiscriminately at everybody crossing the street, including children, according to RTCG.

Two others with severe wounds were brought to the Clinical Center in Podgorica, while four of the injured were sent to a hospital in Cetinje.

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According to Authorities, The Gunman Used the Same Hunting Weapon to Kill Seven Locals After Shooting Three Members of the Same Family Who Were Staying At His Home

India Today

At a news conference on Friday night, Ms Nastic said, “For now, it is unclear what drove [the suspect] to commit such a horrific deed, on which occasion he himself was deprived of his life.”

According to Montenegro’s public broadcaster RTCG, 11 people were killed and 6 others injured, including a police officer. The shooter was also counted in the death toll.

The number was also confirmed to AFP by a police official who spoke on the record. In the hospital, six more patients are currently receiving care.

Following the tragedy, the government has proclaimed three days of mourning, according to Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic. After firing at police officers, the shooter later died, according to the broadcaster.

The tragedy is the country on the Adriatic Sea’s bloodiest shooting in decades.

The beautiful beaches of Montenegro, which are surrounded by mountains nearby, are well-known and have long attracted travellers.

The shooting occurs as the nation enters its busiest travel period. Formerly the country’s royal capital, Cetinje is located in a steep valley that has primarily experienced economic stagnation in recent years.

He posted on Telegram, “I ask all Montenegrins to be with the relatives of the innocent victims.”

The scenic Adriatic nation’s former royal capital, now known as Cetinje, is located in a steep valley about 36 kilometres (22 miles) west of the capital Podgorica.

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