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GTA 5’s Next-Gen Upgrade Is A Lot Cheaper Than You Might Think

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GTA 5’s Next-Gen Upgrade Is A Lot Cheaper Than You Might Think

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The next-gen upgrade for GTA 5 will be released on March 15, but as it is already March 15 in some parts of the world, some players have already experienced what makes it so special. Actually, more than a few people. Some gamers have changed their console regions in order to play a few hours early, while others have been admiring the upgrade’s shockingly spectacular images.

Surprisingly beautiful, given that most of the build-up to the release of GTA 5: Enhanced & Expanded stated the game wouldn’t look much better than it already does. Rockstar was merely keeping its cards close to its breast, which is probably a prudent strategy considering what can go wrong during game production.

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As more gamers get a first peek at a clearer Los Santos, screenshots are slowly starting to flood social media. Even when compared to GTA 5 running on a PC with the highest settings, comparison photos reveal how beautiful the improved game looks.

The quality of the fire and water in the improvements, as well as the reflections and puddles after it rains in-game, have all been commended. That’s a tremendous improvement over the remastered trilogy being unusable in the rain just a few months ago.

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gta 5's next-gen upgrade is a lot cheaper than you might think

Regardless of how amazing the game looks, some people believe it should have been a free upgrade. To be honest, the new version of GTA 5 is a lot less expensive than most people anticipated.

Although it will retail for $40, it is now available for half that amount on Xbox and for just $10 on PS5. The PlayStation version is less expensive because it only includes the story mode. For the next three months, PS Plus subscribers can play GTA Online for free.


GTA 5 appears to be getting a new lease on life nine years after its initial release, which will certainly result in another significant increase in sales. It’s not like the game requires it. Despite the passage of nearly a decade, GTA 5’s sales have never dwindled.

With each passing week, the game is virtually always in the top 10 bestsellers, and it has sold over 160 million copies worldwide. The next time Take-Two releases its quarterly data, that number is likely to be much closer to 200 million.

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