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Groups Urge Us Regulators To Investigate EA’S Fifa: Ultimate Team For Misleading Use Of Look Box: Latest Updates!!!


  • US regulators have been encouraged to look into EA Games’ “loot boxes”.
  • Loot boxes are digital content packages that may be purchased for real money.
  • Loot boxes have also been connected to gambling by consumer advocates.

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EA Fifa Updates: On Thursday, consumer activists urged US regulators to look into Electronic Arts Inc’s use of a digital “loot box” that “aggressively” encourages gamers to spend more money while playing a popular soccer game.Fairplay, the Center for Digital Democracy, and 13 other organisations have asked the FTC to investigate EA’s FIFA: Ultimate Team game.Players create a soccer team using avatars of real players and compete against other teams in the game.

The groups claimed in a letter to the FTC that the game normally costs $50 to $100, but that the corporation would pressure users to purchase extra while they were playing.”It entices gamers to buy packs in quest of unique players,” the Consumer Federation of America, the Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health, and others wrote in a letter.According to a statement released by Electronic Arts on Thursday, 78 percent of the game’s millions of users have yet to make an in game purchase.”Spending is always discretionary,” a corporation representative stated in an email statement. “We encourage parents to use parental controls, such as spend controls, which are available on every major gaming platform, including EA’s own platforms,” the company notes.

EA Fifa

The company also established a dashboard for gamers to track how much time they spent playing, how many packs they opened, and what purchases they made, according to the representative.The packs, also known as loot boxes, are digital content packages that can be purchased with real money and give the buyer a competitive advantage in a game. They can be purchased using digital currency, which can make it difficult to determine how much is spent, according to the researchers.”Unless a gamer spends thousands of dollars on points or plays for thousands of hours to acquire coins, the chances of opening a coveted card, such as a Player of the Year, are minuscule,” the organisations wrote in the letter.The letter also made a connection between loot boxes and gambling.”For some young people who have already developed problem gambling behaviours, loot boxes are a doorway to problem gambling; “Loot boxes are a gateway to pathological gambling for others,” they stated.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which prosecutes businesses that engage in deceptive practises, hosted a loot box training in 2019. In a subsequent “staff viewpoint,” the organisation stated that video game micro transactions have developed into a multibillion-dollar sector.

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