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App Store, Google Play Store Have Over 1.5 Million ‘Abandoned’ Mobile Apps

According to research, the App Store and Google Play Store have over 1.5 million ‘abandoned’ apps. The phrase “abandoned” here refers to the fact that these over 1.5 million apps haven’t been updated in over two years, which raises concerns about their safety and security. The news comes only weeks after Apple and Google announced that they will be deleting old apps from their respective Google Play and App Stores. m

According to a report by Pixalate, an analytics platform that focuses on fraud protection, privacy, and compliance for Connected TV and Mobile Advertising, 30 percent (1.5 million out of 5 million available for download) of all mobile apps on Google Play and App Store appear to be abandoned, meaning they haven’t been updated in over two years as of Q1 2022.

The platform claims to have discovered 314,000 “SuperAbandoned” apps that haven’t been updated in 5 years or more. The Apple App Store (184,000 apps) has about 58 percent of these “Super-Abandoned” apps, while the Google Play Store has 42 percent (130,000 apps).

More Details about 1.5 Abandoned Google Play Store Mobile Apps

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It’s concerning since “abandoned” apps are likely to be dangerous and insecure. “With rising awareness of consumer privacy issues, this issue becomes even more critical,” the research stated, advising advertisers to consider how frequently apps are updated before investing.

Pixalate portrays a positive image as well. It claims that over 1.3 million apps have been updated in the last six months across the Google and Apple app stores. Within the last six months, 8% of apps with more than a million downloads were upgraded. Apps in the Education, Reference, and Games categories, which are frequently used by children, are more likely to be “abandoned,” according to the survey. Types of apps

The news comes only weeks after Google and Apple stated that apps that haven’t been updated in a long time will be removed from their platforms. The app(s) that have not been “updated in a significant amount of time” are set to be removed from sale in 30 days, according to an “App Improvement Notice” given to app developers by Apple last week. After the creators submit an update for evaluation within 30 days, Apple has asked that they keep this software available for distribution.

Google, on the other hand, has extended the deadline for developers to make adjustments until November 1. Apps that “don’t target an API level within two years of the most recent major Android release version” will be excluded from discovery and installation, according to Google. Both firms see this as a step toward making apps more secure.

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