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Google Pixel Foldable Smartphone Resembling Oppo Find N Design Spotted On Android 12l Beta

Google Pixel Foldable Phone Introduction:

Google Pixel Foldable Phone Updates: The design of the much anticipated Google Pixel Foldable smartphone has been revealed ahead of its release on Android 12L beta. For quite some time, the rumour mill has been churning out predictions about Google’s Pixel foldable phone. The search engine behemoth has been tightlipped about its plans to release a foldable phone.

However, there are numerous hints on the internet that the Pixel foldable smartphone is in the works. Aside from these rumours, the handset has made several appearances on the internet in the form of official-looking leaks. The Google Pixel Fold, codenamed “Pipit,” was also discovered on Geek bench earlier this month.

Furthermore, the Geek bench test results showed that the phone might be powered by Google’s Tensor chip. As if that wasn’t enough, last year, the Google Pixel Fold appeared online with a Galaxy Z Fold like design. Google, on the other hand, is keeping important aspects of the device under wraps.

Google Pixel Foldable Phone Design Leaked:

Google released the second Android 12L beta preview on Wednesday. Now, 9 to 5 is a thing. Google has released a new animation showing the Google foldable

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Google Pixel Foldable Smartphonesmartphone, which looks similar to the Oppo Find N. A volume button is shown on the right side of the phone, and a SIM tray is shown at the bottom.



As previously stated, previous sources imply that the phone will look strikingly similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3. The Google foldable phone, on the other hand, appears to have a larger display than the Galaxy Z Fold 3. On the second Android 12L beta, these animations were discovered.

This could indicate that Google is working on its first foldable smartphone. Furthermore, the rumour claims that when the Google foldable phone is unfolded, it will have an aspect ratio of 8.4:9. To recall, the screen on the Oppo Find N phone has the same aspect ratio when unfolded. The Galaxy Z Fold 3’s screen, on the other hand, has a 22.5:18 aspect ratio.

What Else To Expect:

Last week, a Google smartphone passed through the Geek bench website. According to the description, the rumoured Google phone will be powered by an octa-core processor. This chipset will also feature two performance cores running at 2.8GHz, two cores running at 2.25GHz, and four efficiency cores running at 1.8GHz. Aside from that, the phone has been associated with the “Pipit” codename.

In the single-core Geek bench 4 test, it received 4,811 points, while in the multi-core Geek bench 4 test, it received 11,349 points. These results coincide with the Pixel 6, which includes Google’s Tensor chip. In November 2021, references to a Google phone codenamed “Pipit” were discovered in the Google Camera APK.

This fuelled speculation that Google was about to release a foldable smartphone. The handset’s 12.2MP IMX363 camera suggested that it could be an older camera module. In other words, the newer GN1 sensors are unlikely to be included in the Google Pixel Foldable phone.

The Pixel 6 series, which includes the GN1 sensors, was released last year. Nonetheless, Google is doing everything it can to keep knowledge about its foldable phone a secret. As a result, according to the report, the corporation may delete the animations from the Android 12L beta.

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