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Google Camera 8.5 Apk Teardown Advice And 4k Selfie Video On The Google Pixel 7 Series!!!

Google Pixel 7 Series Updates: The Google Camera app for Pixel smartphones has version 8.5 rolling out now.

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•       Google is developing a tablet with the Pixel name.

•       The Pixel 6 Pro’s selfie camera can capture 4K video.

•       The October introduction of the Google Pixel 7 series is anticipated.

Interest in the smartphone has increased since the Google I/O keynote presentation, which teased the Google Pixel 7 series.

Version 8.5 of the Google Camera app for Pixel smartphones is rumoured to represent photography and filmmaking capabilities for the upcoming Google Pixel 7 series phones and Pixel tablet.


The front-facing camera sensors on the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro phones are said to be capable of recording 4K video.

If true, this information would be a significant upgrade above the Google Pixel 6 line of smartphones.

A new version of Google’s camera software for Pixel handsets, Google Camera 8.5, is where 9to5Google first discovered the development.

The Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro will be able to record 4K video via the front camera, according to the claim.

Currently, only the Pixel 6 Pro has a selfie camera that can record 4K video; the Pixel 6 does not have this feature.

According to the camera app’s APK deconstruction, the feature is indicated by the code “p21 front setup.” The Pixel 6 Pro was originally assigned this designation.

Google Pixel 7 Series


According to reports, the Google Camera 8.5 will also make some early Pixel tablet preparations.

One lens could be seen on the rear of Google’s future Pixel tablet. There may not be a 4K video recording at 60 frames per second on the forthcoming tablet.

It might not be able to record 4K video at all. According to the source, in order to reduce the price of the Pixel tablet, Google is likely to delete the Audio Zoom, Slow Motion movies, and Action Pan functions.

This information should be treated with a grain of salt because the manufacturer has not yet confirmed the camera specifications of the Google Pixel 7 series or Pixel-branded tablet.

As previously reported, a tease for the Google Pixel 7 series was made at the Google I/O presentation in May of this year.

They will have a new Tensor SoC and will, it has been revealed, run on Android 13 out of the box.

The business also said that it is developing an Android-powered tablet, which is scheduled to be on sale in 2023. Additionally, a Tensor SoC will power the tablet.

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