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Google Agrees To Pay Over 300 Publishers In EU Countries For Their News, More Details Awaited: Latest Updates!!!


Google Updates: Google, which is controlled by Alphabet, announced Wednesday that it has secured partnerships with more than 300 European Union news sites, with many more in the works.Google announced the arrangement with publishers in Germany, including ZEIT, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and Spiegel, as well as others in Hungary, France, Austria, the Netherlands, and Ireland, in a blog post on Wednesday.

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The amount Google would pay for the partnerships was not disclosed in the report.The European Copyright Directive, which took effect in 2019, was the result of the European Union’s efforts to ensure that publishers from within the bloc were reimbursed for their work. The copyright law, which is being implemented by each country in the area, allows publishers to demand payment whenever their content is used on internet platforms.The new guidelines have given news organisations the ability to bargain with digital platforms like Google and Facebook over how their information is reproduced.In 2021, Google and German publishers agreed to develop payment conditions for publishers, with an exception for hosting brief excerpts of stories that can be shared for free.To make future negotiations with publishers easier, Google is now broadening the rollout of these agreements using a web tool.Starting in Germany and Hungary, Google has released a new tool to make offers to thousands more news publishers, with plans to expand to additional EU nations in the coming months.The guideline permits search engines such as Google to freely link to and use “very brief snippets” of content from press publishers. The rule also gives publishers new rights when longer samples of their content are exploited online, although it leaves it unclear what constitutes a short extract or a longer preview.Despite this ambiguity, Google stated last year that it will pay news publishers for content that goes beyond links and brief excerpts, as it does in Germany.Publishers will be granted an Extended News Preview (ENP) arrangement with Google for this content through this new service, which will be available through the Search Console. This will include details about the deal, how to sign up for it, and how to leave feedback.All offers are based on a set of consistent criteria that follow the law and existing copyright guidance, such as how frequently a news website is displayed and how much ad money is made on pages that also provide news content previews.Publishers retain complete control over whether or not their content shows in Google Search, as well as how that information is displayed. Publishers can alter their minds at any time and join the ENP programme.Along with the talks, Google stated that it will continue to invest in tools and programmes to help journalists in Europe and throughout the growth.It recently unveiled the Google News Initiative Subscriptions Academy and the Innovation Challenge for Europe, both of which offer publishers an intensive 8-month programme focused on digital growth.



• Google will release a mechanism that will allow it to make offers to more news providers.
• German publishers account for two-thirds of the publisher group.
• Last year, Australia made online content fees compulsory.


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