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Georgia: Three Men Found Guilty

Georgia: Three Men Found Guilty Into Arbery’s Death Case!!

Georgia: Three Men Found Guilty Updates: A Jury on Wednesday finally has come out with the verdict regarding the killing of Ahmad Arbery in Georgia, which found three white men to be guilty of the crime.  The three white men are charged up against multiple murder counts and other charges as well.

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The Murder

The shooting of Ahmad Arbery took place on the 23rd of February, 2020 which led three men on trial including, Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and their neighbour William Roddie Bryan Jr. Three men said in their defence that they thought he has committed the crime, as for quite a time then, the incidents of Burglary was on high in their neighbourhood. The evidence which has been presented in the trials showed that the three white men actually chased Ahmaud through the streets and has been trying hard to elude him repeatedly.

It was the McMichaels mainly who were armed and the son has been charged with fatally killing the deceased with the gunshot. Bryan did join them while their chase was underway and he was the one who assisted and recorded the whole chase.

The verdict met relief and Joy in Georgia and beyond.

The verdict has finally came, and the parents of the deceased are now in peace as they praised the prosecution and supporters for joining them in their fight against the racial attack and murder conducted after which they fought for justice to be served.

The killing has drew national outrage, no doubt and it also has questioned authorities of why the racially driven crimes have been on rise with every passing year, in a country they claim is the most developed of all?

Georgia: Three Men Found Guilty


Sentencing Date has not been set yet

The verdict came but the sentencing date for Bryan and the McMichael’s has not come yet, but as per the prosecutors said, they will seek sentences for life imprisonment without any possibility of parole for these murderers.

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