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Freedom Planet 2 Game: Latest Updates!!!

Freedom Planet 2 Updates: Freedom Planet’s fast paced platforming is back! Explore the land of Avalice and defend its animal residents as a fulltime cartoon heroine with abilities and gear tailored to your play style!

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Join the Avalice heroes as they face their toughest battle yet! From the depths of the ocean has awakened an ancient terror. As a result of the Kingdom Stone’s destruction, Merga, a water dragon from Avalice’s longest and deadliest war, has been released from her crystal prison. War looms once more, but this time the heroes are separated between two camps. Will the girls’ friendships be put to the test when Bakunawa rises?

Freedom Planet 2


Lilac the Dragon Girl (Speed Type), Carol the Wildcat (Brawler Type), Milla the Hound (Explorer Type), and Neera the Frost Knight are the four playable characters available right away, each with her own unique fighting style (Power Type).In Adventure mode, you can explore the planet of Avalice. Explore a vast globe map full of treasures, landmarks, and over 100 different animal NPCs to interact with and categorise.With Classic Mode, you can go right into the action. Without having to travel, a simplified navigation panel provides rapid access to stages and other critical elements. IN the Battle sphere arena, you can put your fighting talents to the test. Once you’ve arrived, the Battle sphere will present you with a range of obstacles, including familiar foes and bosses as well as fresh new ones! With the new Guard button, you can parry opponent assaults. If timing isn’t your strong suit, the game has an Auto Guard equipment that makes your character automatically defend against assaults if possible. A new Revival system allows you to seal victory in extremely close confrontations. It takes a stock to use, and one more hit will knock you unconscious again! Customize your heroine’s abilities using potions. Collect and combine a rainbow of materials to increase her vitality in a variety of ways, including stock count, shield durability, attack strength, speed, and more. With a variety of equippable items, you can change the rules. Amulets and Charms have beneficial effects, whilst Brave Stones make combat more difficult in exchange for more crystals.


We’re excited to finally announce a release date for Freedom Planet 2! This year’s official release date for the game is September 13th.

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