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For “Lying” And “Fabricating” Abuse Claims Against Johnny Depp, Did Amber Heard Receive $ 2 Million? A Leaked Email Becomes Popular:

Amber Heard has been ordered in writing by the judge in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation case to pay Depp $10.35 million as compensation for harming his reputation. This week, the jury’s verdict became final.
Depp also received a $2 million fine from Judge Penney Azcarate for Heard’s counterclaim that his attorney had slandered her.
Several fresh details have surfaced online since the order was passed.
Screenshots of an email between Depp’s legal team members, from Adam Waldman to Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, have allegedly been “leaked” in a number of Reddit threads.
Waldman said in the aforementioned email that Amber and his ex-wife Raquel “Rocky” Pennington had waited in the flat to surprise Johnny.
According to reports, the email described what happened on May 21, 2016, when two LAPD officers were summoned to Depp’s penthouse in the Eastern Columbia Building after they responded to a domestic violence incident.
The actress lied when she claimed she phoned Pennington for assistance because Depp was behaving erratically, the email claims.
The email implies that Pennington concealed in the coat closet at the front door while Amber and Raquel truly intended to ambush the actor.
This “explains both the security guards’ evidence that she never came past them and was already in the flat when they arrived,” it has been asserted.
According to sources, Heard and Pennington may have committed the crime of perjury during the trial if this email and the claims it makes are true.
Additionally, according to the email, Heard and billionaire Elon Musk had an extramarital connection and were supposedly into some ‘kinky’ stuff.
The Virginia civil jury found that Heard had produced false and defamatory comments and that she had done so with “actual malice,” finding Depp to be right on all three of his counts, although Depp’s triumph was not absolute.
The jury also found that Heard’s counterclaim had some validity in part.
They ruled Heard was slandered by a Depp lawyer who claimed she had roughed up their apartment to make it appear worse for police, but they rejected two of Heard’s three allegations.

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for “lying” and “fabricating” abuse claims against johnny depp, did amber heard receive $ 2 million? a leaked email becomes popular


Following a confrontation in the couple’s Hollywood apartment in 2016, during which Heard dialled 911, he charged Heard and her pals with faking abuse claims.
THE DECLARATION SAID: Simply said, this was a fraud and an ambush. The initial attempt at setting up Mr. Depp by calling the police failed.
The officers arrived at the penthouses, conducted a thorough search and interrogation, and then left after not finding any physical or property damage.
In order to get their stories straight under the guidance of a lawyer and publicist, Amber and her friends spilled some wine and vandalised the location. After that, they made a second call to 911.
Although Heard showed out in public a few days later seeking a temporary restraining order with a mark on her face, two police testified they observed no signs of an injury.
The jury found Waldman’s assertion to be false, defamatory, and that he had behaved with genuine malice, in accordance with Heard’s attorneys. She received $2 million from the jury.

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