Fatma Season 2

Fatma Season 2: Release Date, Cast & What we know so far

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Fatma Season 2 Update: The Oscar for Best Story in a Motion Picture was recently revealed. Fatma is one of the films and series that will be discussed right now. Fatma is a new Turkish television series created by Zgur nurse. There are two seasons to this show.

The first season, on the other hand, was released earlier and has been a huge success on Netflix. The second season of Fatma is now available on Netflix’s OTT website. Fatma’s second season is available on Netflix.

The Plot Of Fatma Season 2

Fatma, who is 35 years old, works as a cleaning lady. She is also a mother and a housewife, but her world is turned upside down when her husband goes missing soon after his release from jail. Fatma goes on a hunt and unwittingly murders someone.

Fatma Season 2

This, of course, does not go unnoticed, and Zafar’s thugs from the criminal underworld are soon on the lookout for the average woman. Fatma eventually became enamored of what she was doing. The murders and flight provide some relief from the burdens of recent years, which have mostly consisted of sorrow and hardship. What does Fatma’s future hold? Will she become a ruthless murderer in her quest for her husband and vengeance for her innocent son, or will she be able to break free from this vicious circle?

The Cast Of Fatma Season 2

Burcu Biricik, Ugur Yucel, Mehmet Yilmaz Ak, Hazal Turesan, Olgun Toker, and Cagdas Onur Ozturk star in this series. Burcu Biricik, the Best Actress Award winner at the Mannheim Turkish Film Festival, plays Fatma.  The actress, who was born in 1989, began her acting career by interning at Bornova City’s City Theater.

She appeared in plays such as KininBiri, Yasl Hanmn Ziy YKocal Hurmuz while she was there. Brick’s first leading role before Fatma was in the TV series Maçolar, which he landed in 2007. Brick said that the events in this series may have happened to every woman in the world.

Release Date & Trailer Update

All the time. We believe that the streaming service will first assess how well the series is received by viewers before deciding whether or not a second season will be produced. Fatma’s chances are good if it performs as well as other Turkish in-house productions.

We have been tracking the information about this series once we get official update we will surely update each and every single updates.

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