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Ezra Miller is Leaving DCEU After the release of $200 million the Flash

The actor Ezra Miller is apparently leaving the lucrative superhero franchise “The Flash” after a succession of issues. The actor, who played the superhero for the first time in “Justice League” and again in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, was tasked with directing the solo movie about his character, Barry Allen, also known as the Flash.

Besides the picture suffering a lot of challenges due to numerous delays in delays in production, Miller has been at the center of one controversy after another over the past few months. His arrests early this year and subsequent taunting to the police while staying untraceable placed gloomy clouds over his future in the DCEU.

A source told Deadline, There is no winning in this for Warner Bros. For [CEO David] Zaslav, this is an inherited issue. According to the article, Zaslav presently has three alternatives, including easing off on the summer 2023 movie’s promotion, relegating it to streaming with HBO Max or even leaning toward making the movie a hit and then writing off the actor from the plot and having another star step in to play the position.

The Flash Actor Ezra Miller is Out of DCEU

Ezra Miller
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After the actor’s UK Lawsuit with Amber Heard. Warner Bros notably fired Johnny Depp from the Role of Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts Franchise.

Mads Mikkelsen took over for Depp. But not everything is lost. The story reported a source as saying, “The aim is that the scandal would remain at a low level before the movie is published, and hope for the best to come out.” Ben Affleck will return as The Batman in “The Flash,” which is currently scheduled for release on June 23, 2023.

This is rumored to be his final appearance as the character. 31 years after his final appearance as Batman in Batman Returns, Michael Keaton will make his big-screen debut as Batman in this movie.

Deadline originally stated that “the non-binary identifying Miller, we hear, is simply not a part of those plans going forward in the future universe regardless of whether there are more allegations or not” in reference to David Zaslav’s plan to make DC an explosively successful division like Marvel under his newly structured studio, with its own new boss.

The We Need to Talk About Kevin star was twice detained in Hawaii for assaulting people in a karaoke club prior to the recent news regarding inappropriate and grooming behavior with youngsters. Then, a month later, Miller was detained for second-degree assault at a house when it was claimed that he had thrown a chair at a woman, cutting her forehead.

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