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Ex-Aide Paints Devastating Picture Of Trump: Latest Updates

The testimony of someone who could provide a first-hand description of the circumstances at the White House in the hours leading up to and during the attack was a crucial component of the puzzle that the congressional committee looking into the attack on the Capitol on January 6 was missing until now.Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ senior assistant Cassidy Hutchinson filled in the gaps. And she has painted a horrifying picture, including the claim that Trump attempted to grab the wheel of the car he was riding in and wrestled with a Secret Service agent in an effort to divert his motorcade to the Capitol, where his supporters were assembling. Trump denies these allegations.


The committee made a big effort to show how the White House and the president knew there was a very real threat of violence on January 6 but did nothing to stop it very early in the proceedings.Days before to the incident, Mr. Meadows reportedly informed Ms. Hutchinson that he feared things “could become real, very bad.”She mentioned how the possibility of violence was communicated to White House officials.Furthermore, she claimed that Donald Trump personally knew that some of the attendees at his morning rally close to the White House were armed because they were being turned away by Secret Service agents – and yet he still directed them to the Capitol. This is perhaps the most damning testimony to date.”The fact that they are armed doesn’t matter to me at all. They don’t intend to harm me, “According to Ms. Hutchinson, the president said. “Embrace my people. From here, they can march to the Capitol.”


But some of Ms. Hutchinson’s most incriminating testimony was obtained through indirect means.She recalled how a White House representative had informed her that the president had insisted on going to the Capitol following his rally at the White House, despite having promised to do so during his speech. He attempted to grasp the steering wheel and got into a fight with a Secret Service agent when he realised the motorcade was returning to the White House.Trump reportedly shouted, “I’m the [expletive] president,” according to Hutchinson. “Bring me to the Capitol right away.”Following Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony, a Secret Service insider told CBS News that the agent and driver who were in the car with Mr. Trump were both willing to swear under oath that the former president did not physically attack them or attempt to grasp the wheel.Later that day, Ms. Hutchinson recalled hearing Mr. Meadows claim that Mr. Trump had voiced agreement after learning that rioters were asking for Vice-president Mike Pence to be hanged.Ms. Hutchinson claimed she overheard her supervisor say, “He feels Mike deserves it.” He doesn’t believe they are acting improperly.Such testimony would be viewed sceptically and as hearsay in a trial court.However, it was explosive in the hearing room and will be used by the committee to put pressure on senior Trump officials who have so far declined to testify, such Pat Cipollone, the head of the White House legal department, to testify and either confirm or deny her claims.After the day’s testimony, committee chair Bennie Thompson remarked, “Our doors remain open if you heard this testimony today and suddenly you remember something you couldn’t previously recall, or you discover some courage you had tucked away somewhere.”

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ex-aide paints devastating picture of trump


The January 6th committee put a sharp spotlight on Ms. Hutchinson during her in person hearing on Tuesday with its unexpected disclosure of a mystery witness and fresh evidence discovered.She handled the pressure amazingly well for a 25yearold who was a White House undergraduate intern four years prior.She spoke calmly and methodically as she responded to the committee’s inquiries, detailing how and where she had learned the details she was retelling. The committee made a point of demonstrating how Ms. Hutchinson controlled access to Mr. Meadows’ office and that her office was only a few doors away from the president’s Oval Office, giving her a prime vantage point from which to observe and, occasionally, overhear conversations between important figures in the lead up to the Capitol attacks.She may have retained a record of the events throughout her tenure in the White House, or at the very least, she may have electronic records of texts and emails that support her accusations, based on her detailed recollection of the events and account.


Mr. Trump moved to his social media platform and started making attempts to refute Ms. Hutchinson’s assertions while she was presenting her at times damning account of the president’s actions prior to and during the 6 January attack.He said that he barely knew Ms. Hutchinson but had heard “extremely bad” things about her in most of it, which was typical of how he has responded to critics in the past.He referred to her as a fake and a “leaker,” and he implied that she was resentful of him for not hiring her when he left the White House.He continued by refuting several of the incidents that Ms. Hutchinson had alleged, and he once more referred to his rally speech in which he instructed the throng to march on the Capitol “peacefully.”It’s never certain whether rumours about Mr. Trump’s behaviour will make him less popular with his fans.However, some Republicans may be reminded by Tuesday’s testimony and the five hearings that came before it of the chaos that frequently surrounded the Trump administration and the fact that, despite some conservative achievements while in office, he also presided over his party losing both chambers of Congress and the White House.Given that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gaining ground on Mr. Trump in head-to-head polling for the 2024 election, these hearings may have actually hurt the former president’s political standing.

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