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Engineers Create A Stamp-Sized Sticker That Can Provide 48 Hours of Ultrasound Imaging

Engineers Create A Stamp-Sized Sticker That Can Provide 48 Hours of Ultrasound Imaging:

In order to record the individuals’ organs, researchers had volunteers undertake tasks during which the sticker remained strongly adhered to.


• In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, heavy ultrasound equipment is available.
• To translate recorded data, an instrument must be linked to the sticker.
• A team at MIT is creating software algorithms based on artificial intelligence.

Today I am going to write about technology updates today: MIT researchers create wearable ultrasound stickers the size of postage stamps for continuous imaging.

Engineers have created a stamp-sized sticker that adheres to the skin and delivers continuous ultrasound imaging, which has the potential to revolutionize how ultrasound imaging is carried out.

Currently, specialized personnel is needed to operate sophisticated, heavy equipment.

The heart, lungs, and other organs are visible in real-time on these ultrasound devices.

However, because they are typically exclusively found in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, many people cannot access them.

Engineers from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Developed a New Product with the Following Problem in Mind

Ultrasound Imaging
Business Insider

Instead of using large machines, they created a tiny sticker that adheres to the skin and gives ultrasound imaging constantly for 48 hours.

Researchers placed the stickers on participants to show off how well they worked by using the gadget to create real-time, high-resolution photographs of blood arteries and organs like the heart, stomach, and lungs.

The volunteers were required to participate in standing, sitting, riding, and jogging exercises, throughout which the sticker maintained a firm adhesive and recorded the individuals’ organs.

The sticker needs to be connected to a device that converts the recorded data or sound wave into images in the gadget’s current design, as stated in the study article. According to researchers, the device could serve a variety of functions if it were made wireless.

A Few Patches Might Be Applied To Various Body Parts, And They Might Connect to Your Phone To Communicate

Ultrasound Imaging
Scientific American

where the photographs would be instantly analyzed by AI algorithms. With a few patches on your body, you may observe your internal organs, according to a new era of wearable imaging, according to MIT professor Xuanhe Zhao of mechanical engineering and civil and environmental engineering. Zhao is one of the study’s senior authors.

In addition to creating software algorithms based on artificial intelligence that will improve the interpretation and diagnosis of the sticker’s photos, the team is currently working on making the device wireless.

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