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Egypt Charity Shock As Donated Phone Card Raises Fortune: Latest Updates!!!

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Egypt Charity Updates: Thanks to a young donor who requested anonymity, an internet fundraising drive for a little-known Egyptian charity hit the jackpot.

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As millions of Muslims around the world prepared for the Eid al-Fitr festival, the donation frenzy began just hours before the Islamic holy month of Ramadan ended on Sunday.

I only have one unused top-up card that I would want to donate “A woman sent a text message to the Mersal Foundation, which has become a lifeline for thousands of Egyptians who cannot afford medical care.

The woman claimed she could transmit the number for the card, which had 10 Egyptian pounds ($0.54; £0.43) in credit from the Vodafone Egypt mobile phone network, to anyone who wanted it in exchange for a donation to the charity.

Heba Rashed, the charity’s founder and CEO, initiated an online auction for the top-up card right away, inviting businesses to contribute to the fundraising effort.

Donations started pouring in, and the campaign went viral on social media, with the hashtag “The Most Expensive Top-up Card In Egypt” trending.

Ms Rashed had tweeted a few days previously, concerned about her charity’s ability to handle waiting lists, that she was upset with the difficulty in attracting donations and paying for the health services it delivers to thousands of patients. Unlike many other Egyptian organisations, the Mersal Foundation promotes its work solely through social media and does not pay for ads.

After Vodafone Egypt promised to match all donations made before the end of the day, the fundraising drive went viral.


Ms Rashed intends to use the funds to purchase 17 more preterm baby incubators and build new centers across the country, where the infant death rate was 17 per 1,000 live births in 2020. The Mersal Foundation funded 962 newborns to spend a total of 10,130 nights in incubators last year, at a cost of $140 per night.

The Mersal Foundation employs roughly 200 employees and has four offices in Cairo and one in Alexandria, Egypt’s northern city. It was critical in treating patients who were unable to get intensive care beds at government hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak.

Ms Rashed’s Facebook page is full of online calls for cash, and the charity hires private hospitals to treat underprivileged people.

Egypt Charity

Millions of Egyptians are suffering from severe economic hardships and are unable to obtain sufficient treatment due to the high cost of private hospitals.

Despite the success of Ms Rashed’s fundraising effort, the Egyptian authorities appear to be irritated by the Mersal Foundation’s online appeal. They have made it illegal to fundraise on social media without “prior authorization” from the relevant authorities.

In recent years, Egypt has cracked down on non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

NGO workers have been accused of having ties to the banned Muslim Brotherhood and of ruining the country’s international reputation. Some of those found guilty were sentenced to prison, while others had their assets seized or were given travel bans. Authorities are concerned that terrorist groups could take advantage of online donations.

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