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Egypt Arrests Teenagers for Harassing Female Tourists at Pyramids

Egypt has detained 13 young lads for molesting female tourists at the Giza Pyramids in Cairo. On Monday, Egypt’s public prosecutor ordered that 13 young males arrested over the weekend and suspected of harassing two female visitors at Cairo’s Giza Pyramids be held in custody pending an investigation.

On Monday, Egypt’s public prosecutor ruled that 13 young males seized over the weekend and suspected of harassing two female visitors at Cairo’s Giza Pyramids stay in detention pending an investigation.

Teenager Arrested for Harassing Female Tourists at Pyramids in Egypt

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The arrests followed the release of a video on social media showing a horde of youths swarming around two young women at the famous archaeological site, which is one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations. The boys can be seen mocking the women, with some pressing in close to them as they try to flee.

One woman takes a step back and attempts to push a small child away. There is no indication in the video that any of the males sexually harassed the women. A voice can be heard requesting that the footage be sent to the Minister of Tourism.

A tour guide who videotaped the incident on his smartphone has accused the youngsters of harassing the women “verbally and physically,” which they deny, according to the office of the top prosecutor. In this Muslim majority country, where sexual harassment and misconduct, ranging from catcalls to public pinching and groping, is frequent, the video has prompted outrage on social media.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the accused boys are between the ages of 13 and 15. The women tourists were not mentioned in the statement. The boys will face a juvenile court if they are charged. Visitors visiting Egypt’s Giza Pyramids and other well-known archaeological sites are frequently hounded and pursued by young men aggressively offering tours, souvenirs, carriages, or camel rides.

During and after the 2011 revolt that deposed President Hosni Mubarak, when women were harassed, groped, and in some cases beaten and sexually attacked during enormous anti-government protests, the issue of sexual harassment in Egypt attracted international attention.

Women motivated by the #MeToo movement have spoken up about the issue on social media in recent years. According to authorities, sexual harassment now carries a maximum term of five years in prison. They’ve also increased their efforts to combat rudeness and obnoxious touts at tourist destinations.

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