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Dynasty Warriors: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot & Other Update

Dynasty Warriors The film adaptation of the famous and one of the most loved video games are now going to release its film adaptation this July 2021 on the world’s most popular OTT platform popularly known as “Netflix”.

Being a Cantonese film adaptation of the video game titled under the same franchise, the movie already released in theatres of China and Hong Kong earlier this year from where Netflix took the distribution rights for the movie.

The film is directed by Roy Hin Yeung Chow, the film is centered on the first ruler of Shu Han, “Liu Pei” who defending his state in the three kingdom Period.

The Cast Of Dynasty Warriors

The makers of the movie made sure to make it one star-studded film which could attract the viewers towards it, Be it casting actors like Louis Koo, Kai Wang, Ray Lui, Justin Cheung, Carina Lui, Gen Han, and others Portraying the characters Lu Bu, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Zhang Fei, Master from the Sword Forge Castle and Guan Yu respectively.

Dynasty Warriors

Also, there are speculations about having more legendary figures from the era featuring in the film as the three more of the legendary 5 Tiger Generals.

The Plot Of Dynasty Warriors

As based on the Video game “Dynasty Warriors”, which is a hack and slash action video game franchise created by Omega Force and Koei. The video game is an adaptation of China’s famous novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and takes place between the end of the Han Dynasty, the War of the Three Kingdoms, and the formation of the Jin Dynasty.

The Film will be featuring the golden period of Imperial China set off for its end as Greed, Corruption, and anarchy have caused severe damage to the Second Imperial Dynasty of China which is also considered as the golden age there, called the “Han Dynasty”.

Taking advantage of whatever happening in China in Discord, where the Country is thrown into the chaos of Dong Zhou’s, the Tyrant takes over the control there on the courts, and on variables that influence the Emperor.

As the Chaos keeps on rising, there will be definitely a simultaneous rise in the Heroes and Villains fighting off that ultimately will be changing the fate for the country China.

The film will be capturing the various famous battles like the Battle of Hulao Gate, Battle of Chang Ban, Chibi, and many significant others.

Release Date & Other Update

The release date so far revealed by Netflix is Thursday, 1st of July 2021.

However, there has been a trailer already released over various Netflix youtube channels. One can go and watch it for having a glimpse of what is coming over on Netflix this July.


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