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Duke Hate Takes A Break As More Fans Embrace Coach:

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Here Is The Latest Update About Duke Hate Takes A Break As More Fans Embrace Coach:

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The NCAA’s hatred for Duke is only surpassed by the Blue Devils’ fervent, lifelong devotion. It’s not just limited to North Carolina: Duke is largely regarded as the most despised college basketball team in the country.

Duke supporters would simplify it to a single reasonably—but the reasons are as numerous as they are boundless. Here are a few reasons why Duke fans may grow tired of seeing the Blue Devils move through the brackets and riot if they win another title in March Madness.

Duke Is Despised By Everyone Since They Always Win… A Great Deal:

deep-seated animosity will brew if a team or athlete begins to win too much in any sport. Fans will riot if a squad without star power defeats a superior team, especially if the athletes don’t appear remarkable. Coach K has a 1201367 record and five NCAA Championships during his 42year tenure at Duke.

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Duke has a 9729 NCAA Championship record since 1985, thus they’ve almost certainly made enemies of new fanbases at some time. While Coach K is on a farewell tour that has yet to come to an end, there are plenty of Duke basketball fans who are excited to see the team without him at the helm.

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Duke Hate Takes A Break As More Fans Embrace Coach

Coach k Is Despised By Everyone Because He Is Smarmy And Sanctimonious:

No one likes a bitter loser in sports, but the opposite is also true: no one enjoys a domineering winner. Coaches aren’t always obliged to confront their egos in the same way that exceptional players are forced to address theirs for team-building.

When a coach is seen as a genius and portrayed as far superior to their colleagues, there is no way for the coach to get a reality check in the same way that media outlets and fans force confident players to do so.

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As much as Coach K is admired in some quarters, there have been instances of the former Duke coach displaying his unbridled ego throughout the years. Grayson Allen exemplified Coach K’s “arrogant sanctimony,” according to Mashable’s Sam Laird, who detailed how Coach K lied about a conversation with an opponent player and his refusal to bench Allen for a dirty play in 2016.

Duke’s “slap the floor” defense has built a history, one that appears to embrace what people dislike about Duke. If Coach K’s, Duke fans’, and Duke players’ arrogance weren’t obvious enough, the tradition of slapping the floor sums it up nicely. “Like pricey medical clinics and collegiate Republicanism, floor slapping has come to be anticipated from Duke,” as Nick Greene put it in Slate in 2018.

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