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Due To Chris Rock “Slapgate,” Will Smith Is Expelled From “SNL”!!!

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Chris Rock Updates: In the latest celebrity news update in USA you are going to get all the information about Due to the infamous “slapgate” with Chris Rock, Will Smith was banned from “SNL” after the Oscars. Learn more about celebrity news today by reading the full article.

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Following his battle with Chris Rock, Will Smith is reportedly not wanted back on Saturday Night Live and is reportedly being permanently blacklisted. The actor is still constantly in the news as a result of the iconic slap gate incident, which took place months ago.

The King Richard actor was given a 10-year ban by the Academy Awards following the epic feud, but it seems that this was not enough because popular American programme Saturday Night Live is apparently preparing to do the same.

Following the slap gate incident at the 2022 Academy Awards with comic Chris Rock, Smith is reportedly not welcome again on Saturday Night Live and has been given a permanent suspension, according to media reports.

Will Smith won’t be invited back to “SNL,” according to Radar Online, because of what he did to Chris Rock at the March event. The comedian was formerly a major contributor to the show because he was a star of it from 1990 to 1993.

a site-adjacent source said, “After what Smith did to Chris, he will never again receive an invitation to appear on “SNL.” No one wants him around any more because of the temple comedian’s show.” The source continued,

After Hollywood icon Will Smith struck comedian-host Chris Rock on the Dolby Theatre stage during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony, it became one of the most contentious nights in the ceremony’s history.


Will Smith, who played King Richard, unexpectedly stormed the Dolby Theater stage to attack Chris Rock immediately before Chris Rock accepted his first-ever Oscar.

The Grown Ups actress made a crude joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair, and everybody’s favourite Men In Black actor wasn’t too happy about it. The startled theatre crowd watched as Smith entered the stage and struck the comedian in the face.

Smith later expressed regret to Chris Rock in a social media message. Smith explained why he did not apologise to Chris in his winning speech by saying, “By that time, I was dizzy.

All of it is hazy. Chris has responded to my mail, saying that he is not yet prepared to speak.

He’ll extend his hand when he’s prepared. I’m going to apologise to you, Chris. I am available to speak with you anytime you are ready because my behaviour was unacceptable. To Chris’ mother, I sincerely apologise.”

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