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Do You Know If Robert Downey Jr. Paid for Armie Hammer’s Florida Rehab Stay in 2021

Armie Hammer reportedly received financial assistance from Robert Downey Jr. last year to pay for his rehabilitation costs. According to People, the Call Me by Your Name actor, 35, struggled with drug, alcohol, and s*x issues last year, and the Avengers: Endgame star Robert Downey Jr., who has been candid in the past about his own battle with addiction, paid for Hammer to spend six months in Florida rehab.

According to a source familiar with both stars, Robert Downey Jr., 57, “is the peak of when people in Hollywood are struggling.” The source continued, “Robert takes that honor and responsibility very seriously. They look to him as this beacon of someone who has beaten it [addiction] and is stepping out on the other side.

Since then, Variety has claimed that Hammer is marketing timeshares in a Cayman Islands hotel resort, with an unnamed source saying: “He is working at a cubicle. In actuality, he is completely broke and struggles to find ways to pass the time and get money for his family.

Robert Downey Jr.: Regarding the Allegations, Hammer’s Attorney Andrew Brettler said to Entertainment Weekly: I can’t confirm or Deny it since Armie Hasn’t Addressed It”.

Robert Downey Jr.
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The first allegations against Hammer surfaced in January 2021, forcing him to leave the Jennifer Lopez-starring movie Shotgun Wedding. A month later, his agent and publicist dropped him.

Later, Hammer was accused of rape and barred from working on new projects. According to reports, Hammer entered a rehab facility in June 2021 to get treatment for “drug, alcohol, and s*x disorders.”

According to them, “He sees the power that sobriety has given him in his family life, his career, and his relationships, and he just wants to communicate this message with other people, and it’s not mutually exclusive to Armie.” He has used many others in this way.

People are unaware of how much of a help he has been to numerous Hollywood figures. He’s actually assisted in many people’s healing, the source claimed.

In the midst of several months of claims of sexual abuse, Hammer checked himself into a rehab center outside of Orlando on May 31 and has since been receiving therapy. The actor consented to remain on the grounds for however long it takes him to recover his health.

The 34-year-old actor has been accused of multiple sexual assaults since January and is currently fighting for custody in his and Elizabeth Chamber’s protracted divorce.

Hammer was fired from a number of projects in January, including the eagerly awaited “The Offer,” Jennifer Lopez‘s action-comedy “Shotgun Wedding,” the thriller drama “Billion Dollar Spy,” and the Broadway production “The Minutes,” after several women claimed he had sent them explicit messages on social media about rape and cannibalism.

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