Do Do Sol Sol La La sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: New Series Is Coming! Release Date, Cast Info, Plot and Trailer

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Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is an upcoming 2020 South Korean TV series which is written by Oh Ji-young. The director of this series is Kim-Min Kyeong. South Korea is the country of origin and Korean is the original language of this series. They have planned to release 16 episodes and each episode runs up to 60 minutes. Monster Union is the production company(s) and KBS and Netflix is the distributor of this series. KBS2 is the original network of this series. This series is a genre of comedy and romance.


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Plot Lines

This series is a romantic comedy about an energetic pianist named Goo Ra-ra and multi part of time worker Seon Woo-joon and those are gather in Lala Land and the small piano institute in the countryside with their own secrets and pain with working for it. She was making her way to stumbles across La La Land and the piano academy in a small village. She has bright personality and was interested in Piano. This series surely receives positive response among the people and it will surely get a good response for sequel season.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Cast and Character

There are many main characters are there in this series they are Go Ara as Goo Ra-ra, Lee Jae-wook as Seon Woo-joo, Kim Joo-hun as Cha Eun-seok, Ye Ji-won as Jin Sook-kyeong, Lee Soon jae as Kim Man-bok, Shin Eun-soo as Jin Ha-yeong, Seo Yi-sook as Jo Yoon-sil, Moon Hee-kyung as Gong Mi-sook, Moon Tae-yoo, Song Min-jae and many other characters are also included in this series.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Release Date

The script reading was took place early in May 2020 in South Korea. This series was originally scheduled to release on 26th August 2020 and one of the cast member was tested positive for COVID-19. The series was resumed filming on 1st September 2020 after the test of COVID-19. Heo Dong-won was tested positive for corona virus. And now it was set to release on 7th October 2020.



There is a trailer for this series on online platform. Viewers and fans can enjoy this trailer and get the overview of this series and wait till the release of this series. We will surely update each and every single updates so stay tuned for more updates. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information.
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