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Disney Has Been Chastised For Ruining a Wedding Proposal

Last week, a video of a Disney land Paris employee interrupting a marriage proposal went viral, drawing widespread criticism. The worker escorted the couple away from the platform where the proposal was taking place, but not before removing the engagement ring from the guest’s grasp.

Disney has since issued an apology for the event, according to a representative.

On Thursday, the viral video was published on Reddit with the caption: “POS [piece of sht] ruined my best friend’s moment.” Prior to doing so, he sought authorization.” A man is seen bending down on one knee at the Disneyland attraction in Paris, France, to propose to his girlfriend in the 21-second video.

A man employee steps in between them seconds later and removes the engagement ring box from his grip. The pair was then led away from the platform, which had a fantastic view of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and towards a metal gate by the park official. The Disneyland employee’s directives perplexed both the newly engaged couple and spectators.

“She said yes,” the male partner says to the employee, pointing to the female theme park employee who gave him permission to propose on the platform “Yes, that’s terrific,” the male Disneyland employee responded, “but over here will be much better,” prompting boos from the audience. IN THE COMMENTS, THE REDDIT USER WHO POSTED THE VIDEO CLARIFIED:

Most the People share their Views on Disney for Ruining Wedding Proposal

New York Post

previous to the iconic incident, their friend sought a female coworker for permission to propose on the site. The German man whose proposal was shattered has now spoken out about the horrible incident. In an interview with the New York Times, Ante claimed he and his fiancée were “saddened” by the interruption of the proposal by the Disneyland Paris employee.

“Disneyland is a symbol for dreams,” he told The New York Times. “We squandered a huge chance.” Ante, 31, explained how Disney’s magic has played a significant role in his four years with his now-fiancée, 26. Since his fiancée gave him Disneyland tickets for Christmas, he said he had been planning the proposal for five months.

Disney has yet to say whether or not the theme park employee was penalised. “WE REGRET THE WAY THIS WAS HANDLED,” A DISNEY REPRESENTATIVE TOLD NEWSWEEK: “We expressed regret and promised to make things right with the couple.”

According to Ante, Disney contacted the couple by phone and email, offering them a free weekend at any Disneyland park and hotel of their choice, but they turned it down. He said, “I’m no longer going to Disneyland.” “They can’t make us relive the moment, and all I want is a second chance.” The horrifying incident drew a lot of attention on Reddit, where users were outraged by the employee’s intrusion.

“Since you can hear the beginning, I’d like to watch the longer version where they all boo him,” one person said. “Their entry card didn’t contain the $149 optional “Proposal Photograph” charge,” someone other laughed. Another Reddit user suggested, “Hall monitor energy.” Some speculated that the Disneyland Paris employee had been sacked for interfering with the guests’ special moment.

“I want to watch the extended version where they all boo him,” one person commented. “There’s no way Disney would pick a guy who doesn’t understand that a wedding ring isn’t something to pull off in the middle of a proposal,” the source claims.

Others couldn’t believe the worker had taken the man’s engagement ring when he was in the middle of proposing. “You DO NOT grab an expensive engagement ring out of someone’s f*king hand, even if you think you’re doing the right thing enforcing some policy or other,” a Reddit user added.

“More than the moment would be spoiled if some stranger ran up and grabbed a diamond ring from my hand,” another person added. Disney has been asked for comment by The Independent.

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