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Dirty Lines Season 1: What We Know So Far About The Series!!!

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Dirty Lines Season 1: What We Know So Far About The Series!!!

Dirty Lines Season 1 Introduction:

The series, written by Pieter Bart, is about hope, cultural appropriation, achievement, and endurance. When Frank starts a business, he is unsure if it would succeed based on the failures of the past, but he is in for a pleasant surprise this time.

Marly takes a position at the now multimillion-dollar company Frank founded with scepticism some years later. She is, however, perplexed as to how the two become so wealthy suddenly, and she is engrossed in unravelling the bizarre metamorphosis.

Dirty Lines Plotlines:

Dirty Lines begins in Amsterdam in the late 1980s, at a time when Dutch society was undergoing tremendous upheaval. Marly Salomon, a psychology student, is offered an extra position with the brand-new corporation.

Teledutch is a company formed by two brothers, Frank and Ramon Stigter, who invented the first-ever sexual telephone lines in Europe. Frank and Ramon have become millionaires overnight, and Marly is caught up in the whirlwind.

The end of the Cold War produced a sense of optimism among the next generation, inspiring them to live life to the fullest. The arrival of a radical new style of music, house, and a revolutionary new love drug, XTC, made Amsterdam the epicentre of this cultural revolution.

The phone’s erotic lines provide the opportunity to engage in anonymous sexual contact in a completely new way, altering the ethics of its users and the general public. Frank Stigter, a young businessman, is the protagonist of the series.

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dirty lines season 1

Frank sees his moment after several failed attempts to start his own firm when PTT, the national telephone company, introduces premium-rate lines. He establishes Europe’s first telecom sex enterprise with the support of his brother and sister, as well as some shady investors.

What begins as a sloppy unplanned experiment in their parents’ garage quickly turns into a multi-million dollar business. Set towards the end of the Cold War, the series motivates a new generation to reject the doomsday predictions of the 1980s and instead focus on the future.

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With a radical new type of music (house) and a new love drug, Amsterdam becomes the epicentre of that cultural upheaval (XTC). Erotic phone lines provide a new means to have anonymous sex, altering not only the morality of its users but also the morality of those who create it. Both of them are on the lookout for new ways to express their suppressed erotic dreams.

Dirty Lines Cast Updates:

Joy Delima from Flikken Rotterdam, Minne Koole, Chris Peters from Black Widow, Abbey Hoes from The Neighbors, Charlie Chan, and Benja Bruijining star in the series, which was written by Pieter Bart Korthuisa, who is also known for writing series like Red Widow (2021), Penoza (2010), and Vechtershart (2015).

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Julia Akkermans, Yari Van Der Linden, Joes Brauers, Andre Dongel Themans, Ayla Cekin Satijn, Laua Bakker, Pip Lieke Lucas, Casper Nusselde, Manoushka Zeegelaar, and Eric van Sauers are among the supporting cast members.

Dirty Lines Season 1 Date Of Release:

The next Netflix release date for Dirty Lines Season 1 in the United States and the United Kingdom is Friday, April 8th, and there are only 5 days remaining. Just stay tuned for more information.

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