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Destruction of All-Stars: Launching Details, Features, Gameplay and Trailer Details

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Destruction of All-Stars is an upcoming vehicular combat game. This game has developed by Lucid Games. Publisher of this game is Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation 5 is the platforms of this game. It is a single player mode of game. This game was developed by a developer who was done many of the game projects leads including lead designer Karl Jones and the Game director Colin Berry were involved in the creation of several titles from the Wipeout series.

destruction all Stars

Destruction of All-Stars: Release Details

This game was announced on 11th June 2020 at the PlayStation 5 reveal event. The game was now set to release in November 2020 and as a launch title for the PS5. This game is along with the other games releasing on the PlayStation 5, this was the subject controversy in September 2020 and as Sony revealed that the game would retail at the $69.99 at the launch, a departure from the $5.99 industry standard price for the AAA games during the eighth generation of the Consoles. This game would be supported with the new content and the modes which was following the release with free downloadable content.

Destruction of All-Stars: Gameplay

According to the Lucid Games this game was a “global sports entertainment event where the Stars & cars collide”. The players assumes that control of one of the 16 AllStars and each of them has access to unique hero vehicles. For example Hana’s car is equipped with a blade that can slice opponents in halves. The game is a vehicular combat game in which players has to need to seek ways to destroy the vehicles of the opponents.

For this game vehicles has already been destroyed and they would have to navigate the arena on foot and dodge incoming attacks in order to survive. In this game the characters are vulnerable and some can turn invisible while some can take over an opponent’s car.
This game is such an interesting one and it has huge fan base. Many of them are waiting to play such games for making their free time interesting. We will surely update each and every single updates. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. It is also requested to share this video and stay tuned for more updates.

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