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Deep Rock Galactic Season 3: Latest Entertainment News!!!

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Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 Updates: Following the success of its first two seasons, Deep Rock Galactic’s seasonal releases are sure to continue throughout 2022 and beyond. The multiplayer shooter has a devoted, engaged playerbase that is curious about the start and finish dates of Season 3 thanks to a consistent supply of updates.

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The third season of Deep Rock Galactic adds a new theme, a variety of explosive tools to employ as you mine your way through its procedurally generated stages, and more. For all the information we currently have, including a possible start and end date for the third season, continue reading below.


The third season of Deep Rock Galactic is currently being developed, with a Q4 2022 start date initially set.

Ghost Ship Games, the game’s creator, has announced that the third season will begin on November 3 for PC and November 17 for consoles. Ghost Ship Games intends to keep the length of seasons between 4 and 6 months.

This indicates that the conclusion of Season 3 of Deep Rock Galactic will probably take place during the months of February and April 2023.

Beginning on November 3, 2022 (PC), or November 17, 2022, is Deep Rock Galactic Season 3. (consoles)

The third season of Deep Rock Galactic will end between March and May 2023.

We won’t be certain until these dates are formally verified, so it’s important to keep in mind that plans can alter as development proceeds and that these dates may vary.


S03 of Deep Rock Galactic brings a fresh theme that, based on the early information released, will steer clear of robotic foes.

With new grenades—one for each playable class—the dwarves’ armoury is receiving a third, more explosive update.

Grenades from Deep Rock Galactic Season 3

· Voltaic Stun Sweeper Scout

· Spring-loaded Ripper for Driller

· Engineer – Swarm of Shredders

Additionally announced is a new performance pass that will have fresh cosmetics. As with its predecessors, the new season will be accompanied by a high-end cosmetic DLC.

Ghost Ship Games has made its way back from its summer break and stated that additional information on Deep Rock Galactic S003 will be released soon. We’ve returned from our summer vacation. As I set out on a mission to attempt and wring some Deep Rock Galactic: S03 content from the crew, please be patient with me.

In the next months, more information about the plot of Deep Rock Galactic S03 as well as its start and conclusion dates will be released, and we’ll update this post as we find out more.

There are at least two more seasons scheduled for 2023, so it doesn’t appear that DRG will run out of content anytime soon.

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Deep Rock Galactic Season 3
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