Deaimon Anime Series: Latest Updates!!!


Deaimon Anime: Sweets are something that everyone enjoys. They’re one of the most delectable food groups. However, as social media has shown, people enjoy looking at food almost as much as they enjoy eating it. So, if you have a sweet tooth (or perhaps, sweet eyes),”Deaimon,” the most current upcoming anime from animation company Encourage Films, may be worth a look (via Anime News Network).

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“Deaimon,” based on creator Rin Asano’s manga of the same name, is set in a Japanese confections shop and goes above and above in presenting the country’s traditional sweets. The original manga debuted in Kadokawa’s “Young Ace” publication in 2016, therefore an anime adaptation of “Deaimon” has been long overdue. “Deaimon,” like “Food Wars,” has the potential to succeed where hunger and a love of anime collide.

Thankfully, “Deaimon” has a somewhat imminent release date on the horizon – at least for all the starving anime enthusiasts out there. Furthermore, the anime’s developers have already revealed a significant amount of information about the characters and plot. Thus, let’s see if “Deaimon” is deserving of a slot on your upcoming anime watch list based on what we know so far.


You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. A young man is born into a company-owning family and is raised to one day inherit that business when he reaches adulthood. The young man, on the other hand, has his own ambitions and sets out to follow them. This is the classic setting that “Deaimon” takes advantage of. However, “Deaimon’s” tale does not begin there. Nagomu (the young man in this predicament) had already left his family’s candy business to pursue his aspirations of becoming a singer in Tokyo by the time “Deaimon” begins. Nagomu is compelled to return a decade later when his father becomes too unwell to work.

So the prodigal son returns, but his welcome isn’t exactly as enthusiastic as you might think. Nagomu’s parents adopted a 10-year-old orphan girl called Itsuka, who now works at the shop, in the decade since he departed to pursue his goals. Despite the fact that Nagomu is compelled to act as Itsuka’s father figure, the two are also rivals. Both want to inherit the shop after their father dies, so they launch a competition to see who is more deserving of the position.


Deaimon Anime

Encourage films have already disclosed a large number of characters and voice actors who will appear in the “Deaimon” anime. There are 13 different characters that have been announced (via Anime News Network).Only a few crucial characters, though, are worth paying attention to. The first is, of course, Nagomu Irino, the protagonist. Nagomu, a failing musician, returns to his father’s confection business when the latter becomes unwell. Actor Nobunaga Shimazaki provides Nagomu’s voice.

Nagomu isn’t the only one who works in the shop, either. Nagomu’s mother, Fuki (Sayaka Ohara), and a young girl named Itsuka Yukihira (Kozue Yki) accompany him. Nagomu creates a father-daughter bond with the latter after returning to the shop, however it isn’t nearly as loving as you might expect. Heigo Irino (Rikiya Koyama), Ikko Irino (Izou Oikawa), and Masayo Irino are other members of Nagomu’s family (Miho Yoshida).


The official “Young Ace” Twitter account first revealed that work on the “Deaimon” anime was already begun in April. In response, manga creator Rin Asano shared a new illustration on his Twitter account, expressing his excitement about working with the animators while also expressing his nervousness. More information about the “Deaimon” anime would not be released until September, when Kadokawa released the first subbed promotional trailer for the series on YouTube.

The PV not only gave viewers a first look at the show’s animation and voice acting, but it also revealed when the series would premiere. Unfortunately, the timeline it provides is quite vague, just saying that the anime would premiere in 2022. Furthermore, it makes no mention of where viewers will be able to watch “Deaimon” once it is released. However, as is customary, it will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation shortly after its release.

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