Deadly Dozen Reloaded Game

Deadly Dozen Reloaded Game: Latest Updates!!!

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Deadly Dozen Reloaded Game Updates: The original game, Deadly Dozen, has been completely remade. Reloaded, which is built on a new engine and features updated landscapes, graphics, and objectives, reintroduces the legendary series to a new generation of gamers.

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The Deadly Dozen are a secretive group of troops who are dispatched into battle when a job must be completed fast and efficiently. They’re a ragtag group of military misfits who were made for the most perilous missions of WWII. With your choice of Snipers, Demolition Experts, Medics, and more, traverse mine-filled landscapes, enemy bases, and tank-guarded frontiers.
Switch between squads to survey the hostile landscape and make the most of their…talents. Sneak your way through ten different areas, each filled with additional opponents, buildings, and stuff to blow up.

To earn those flashy new completion awards, try replaying levels with a different crew or weapon loadout. In this modern version of a WWII classic, upgraded graphics, textures, and weather effects immerse you in the action.


During World War II, General Dwight D. Eisenhower directed the United States Army to form a special operations organisation capable of carrying out perilous missions in secret at any time and in any location. Twelve highly competent men were chosen, each with the physical prowess and hatred for authority that such an unorthodox squad required.

The Deadly Dozen was their moniker. To achieve important tasks behind enemy lines, choose your squad of four from a roster of twelve playable characters, each with unique characteristics, weapon, and equipment proficiencies.

Players can customise their squad to fit their desired playstyle, whether it’s complete stealth, run-and-gun combat, or making a splash with loud, destructive explosives. The Squad Wheel allows players to command their squad by issuing movement instructions, fire orders, stance modifications, and formation changes in response to obstacles in the field.

Furthermore, players can switch their playable character at any moment, so direct control is never limited to just one of the four squad members. While the overall framework of Deadly Dozen Reloaded is unchanged from the original, all level assets, textures, and character models have been rebuilt from the ground up.

Deadly Dozen Reloaded Game

To enhance authenticity to the game, real-time lighting, high-quality particle effects, and other environmental effects have been incorporated. The PC version will support up to 4K resolution with no framerate constraint, while consoles will only be able to run at 1080p with 30 frames per second.

High-fidelity samples, real-time audio effects including reverb and occlusion, 3D surround sound, and support for 5.1 or more speaker configurations have all been added to the audio.


• Graphics and audio aren’t the only things that have been upgraded for the modern day. Enemy AI has been improved, making confrontations more exciting, and vehicle physics have been overhauled, making driving to objectives more enjoyable and realistic.
• 10 Giant Missions — Large, faithfully recreated maps with goals that the player can complete in any order. On normal level, each mission will take longer than an hour to complete.
• Loadouts that can be customised – Players can personalise their squad members with eleven various weapons—six American and five German—and seven other types of equipment, such as first aid kits, binoculars, and a variety of explosives.
• No More Permadeath — Players can have heart-pounding escapes with half of their team, and dead squad members will be resurrected for the following mission. Save files don’t have to be reloaded anymore!

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