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Dark Harvest


Dark Harvest Updates: In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the information about a Dark Harvest.

The horror novel “Dark Harvest” by Norman Partridge will be adapted by MGM, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Matt Tolmach and David Man pearl of Matt Tolmach Productions will produce the film, which David Slade will direct.Slade seems like a solid possibility to direct the project because he is most renowned for movies like “Hard Candy” and “30 Days of Night” as well as exquisitely produced episodes of “Hannibal” and “Black Mirror.” Michael Gillo appears to be writing his debut screenplay, but he has some excellent stuff to draw from: For the original novel, Partridge was honoured with a Bram Stoker Award. I’m hoping the movie will live up to the greatness of the book.Horror and partridge enthusiasts may be eager for more information about “Harvest,” such as its debut date, cast members, and specific plot points.

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In the little Midwestern town where “Dark Harvest” is located, the Run is a yearly supernatural gathering. Every autumn, a ghastly being carrying a butcher knife emerges from the cornfields and moves in the direction of the church. The ghost is then faced by groups of young men in a rite of passage that may give you a chance to leave the area.An older brother of Richie Shepard (Likes) won the Run the previous year and managed to flee. Richie links up with the restless Kelly Haines (Crutchfield), who likewise wants to leave by any means necessary, in an effort to join his sibling.Kelly and Richie choose to hunt down the creature in order to obtain their freedom despite the laws and the significant likelihood that they won’t be successful.It’s difficult to predict how much the movie will diverge from Norman Partridge’s book because other character and storyline information hasn’t yet been revealed. Readers of the Partridge and horror enthusiasts will learn more when “Dark Harvest” is released in September 2022.


The cast of “Dark Harvest” was recently revealed by The Hollywood Reporter. This includes Luke Kirby from “The Marvelous Miss Maisel,” Elizabeth Reaser from “The Haunting of Hill House,” and Jeremy Davies, who is well-known for his work in “Justified” and “The House That Jack Built.” Regarding the roles the actors will play in the movie, nothing has been confirmed.Casey Likes, who most recently made an appearance in the “Almost Famous” musical, and E’myri Crutchfield, who is most known for her work on “Fargo,” are two other actors who have joined the cast. According to IMDb, Likes is playing Richie Shepard, the main character, while Kelly Haines is Crutchfield.Ezra Buzzington from “Law & Order: True Crime” and Adam Brooks, who play the roles of The Pastor and The Farmer, respectively, are identified as additional cast members. There isn’t much else known about the characters, but when “Dark Harvest” is released in the fall of 2022, we’ll find out who Davies, Reaser, and Kirby will be playing.


The statement states that “Dark Harvest” will be launched on September 9th, 2022, just in time for Halloween viewers the following year. This makes sense given that “Dark Harvest” will need around a year to complete preproduction and prep work, film the movie, begin postproduction (including the editing process on the material), and then — at last — market and release the finished product. However, the release date could change. Recently, the COVID19 pandemic has had a significant influence on film and television production schedules since COVID breakouts have forced complete production shutdowns and quarantines. This might have an effect on how “Dark Harvest” is produced as well.Expect Slade and the producers to meet the September 2022 release date if “Dark Harvest” doesn’t encounter any issues while it is still being produced. If so, “Harvest” could need to be released later, probably in 2023.

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Dark Harvest

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