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Dams Burst In Northeastern Brazilians On Alert For Flash Floods.

Dams Burst In Northeastern Updates: The Authorities from northeast Brazil have issued warnings for flash floods as the two dams placed in the northeast of the country got burst out on the 26th of December. The dams burst out only after weeks of heavy rains in the state of Bahia, where the rivers were already swamping and swollen, as flooding hit towns across the region. The State of Bahia, which is home for the 15 million people out there and is now after weeks of intermittent flooding which intensified the situation and pressure eventually on the two dams that broke out, has led to flood like situation and has hit towns across the region.

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The Dams Burst In Northeastern

According to the reports, the Igua dam, which is located on the Verruga River near the city of Vitoria da Conquista in the South of the state of Bahia, collapsed on the night of Saturday. The collapse caused and forced the authorities to evacuate people or residents from the area, mainly in the town of Itambe.

Dams Burst In Northeastern

The second one in Jussiape, situated 100 kilometers to the north also on Sunday morning, with the rising levels of water put more alerts on the residents to move towards safer grounds and vacate the nearby areas.

According to the Civil Protection agency Sudec active in the north-eastern state of Bahia, it has been reported that overall 35,000 people have been driven from their homes, with 16,000 forced to seek shelters and with almost 19,600 been displaced. Authorities also informed that the toll from heavy rain and flooding now has risen to 20 and also caused around 63,000 people to have displaced yet.

Biggest disaster in the History

Bahia’s Governor Rui Costa also stated that “Bahia is living through the biggest disaster in its history. He also said, that there has been around 4, 00,000 people who directly or indirectly got affected because of the impactful heavy rains and has led to evacuating residents from over 67 towns now.

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