“No one is a bystander in the fires of war,” says the Customs Frontline Trailer. The worldwide teaser trailer for Hong Kong action thriller Customs Frontline, directed by Herman Yau, has been released by Well Go USA. This will open in China and Hong Kong later in June after making its world premiere at the 2024 Far East Film Festival in Italy. 

For those who choose to see it, it will be available in US theatres a few weeks later in July. When illegal weapons are found aboard a cargo ship, Hong Kong customs authorities investigate and link the weaponry to a global conflict.

When elite agents go undercover, they find a risky operation with local roots. Customs officers board a container ship that has appeared in Hong Kong seas in order to check it. The crew is found dead, and the team which includes hotshot Chow Ching-lai finds a massive cache of armaments, including a very valuable compass that might be used to navigate a submarine. 

Unbeknownst to the officers at the moment, a global situation is on the verge of escalation. Jacky Cheung and Nicholas Tse, along with Karena Lam, Francis Ng, and Liu Yase, are the stars of Customs Frontline. This trailer has so many explosives that Michael Bay is envious. Oh no.

Hong Kong customs officials (played by Nicholas Tse as Chow Ching-lai and Jacky Cheung as Cheung Wan-nam) locate a concealed cache of illegal weapons and track them back to an ongoing and extremely violent international conflict after discovering the deaths of all the crew members on board an unauthorised cargo ship.

 However, when elite agents go undercover overseas to find out where the guns are being transported, they discover a sophisticated international conspiracy with roots much closer to home than they could have ever anticipated.

Renowned Hong Kong action director Herman Yau, who has helmed numerous films including Shock Wave, 77 Heartbreaks, Always Be With You, The Leakers, A Home with a View, Death Notice, Raid on the Lethal Zone, and Moscow Mission most recently, is the director of Customs Frontline, also known as Custom’s Frontline.

 Erica Li is the writer of the screenplay. courtesy of Albert Yeung. Customs Frontline will make its premiere in a few US theatres this summer on July 19, 2024, according to Well Go USA.

Here are the detailed trailer account on, Customs Frontline. Follow Premiere next website for more details. 

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