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Cultist Simulator: New Video Game For Pc Going To Launch!

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Cultist Simulator is one of the interesting video games.  It is the genre of the card-based simulation video game.  Weather Factory Playdigious (mobile) is the developer of this game.  Humble Bundle and Playdigious (Switch) is the publisher of this game.

Unity is the engine of this game.  Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch are the platforms of this game.  It is the mode of the single-player mode of the game.  This is such an interesting game to play and many of the fans are eagerly waiting to play this game.

Gameplay of Cultist Simulator

This game is one of the narrative-driven with the simulation game that has the player that has to take on the role of a citizen wit in the nameless society where their actions that may be lead to their creating of a cultlike following the game. This game has also the mechanics which are presented as the combination of the cards and also the action buttons.

Cultist Simulator

The cards which represent the range of different elements and also the persons have been attributes like the health of reasons, emotions, locations, items, wealth, lore, and also the others in this game.

This game has the progress of the new action with the buttons that can appear from it.  Some of the things beneficial is adding more options which are the players can do with it such as Study, Talk, Explore, or else Dream.  In this other actions are also the detriment to the players in this game.

System Requirements Of Video Game

This game has the OS with Windows 7 or late.  The processor of this game is 2GHz or better.  The memory space required for this is 1GB RAM.  The graphics were done by 120*768 in the minimum resolution on the graphics.  The DirectX version is Version 9.0c.  The storage is with the 500 MB available space.

Release Details Of Cultist Simulator

This game was planned released on the Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux computer system also in the mobile version.  For Nintendo Switch was planned to release in February 2021.  We have been tracking information about this game once we get the official update we will surely update this page.

I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. It is also requested to share this video and stay tuned for more updates.

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