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Crypto Hack Worth Of $400 Million From North Korea Reported..!

North Korean Hackers Stole $400mn in Crypto in 2021

Crypto Hack Worth Of $400 Updates: A report by Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis firm finds Kim Jong-un headed North Korea launched at least seven attacks on cryptocurrency platforms that extracted nearly $400m worth of digital assets last year. According to the report, North Korea was one of the most successful years on record for cyber-criminals in the closed east Asian state. The attack was planned by North Korean hackers dubbed as ‘Lazarus Group’, which is led by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) primary intelligence agency, claims the report.

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Targeted Investment Firms And Centralised Exchange

The research team of Chinalysis released a report on Thursday on various attacks conducted by the North Korean hackers. “These attacks targeted primarily investment firms and centralized exchanges, and made use of phishing lures, code exploits, malware, and advanced social engineering to siphon funds out of these organizations’ internet-connected “hot” wallets into DPRK-controlled addresses,” says the report.

Crypto Hack Worth

Hackers targeted diverse variety of Cyptocurrencies, where for Bitcoin, which is currently the world’s largest digital currency account for just a quarter for the overall stolen assets. The reports have come at a time especially when there already multiple sanctions are been placed by western world on the country for its continuous operations for ballistic missile development and Human rights violation.

United States, where imposed sanctions on the country this week following its Hypersonic missile testing into the sea between January 5 and 11. Kim Jong un, has there shown very little interest into US calling for return to talks on Disarmament which has been stalled for over three complete years now.

The United States Government is also now going after allegations comes back on to North korea, after complaints filed against people who illegally obtained confidential data from Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc in 2014 and from Central bank at Bangladesh in the year 2016 on which North Korea has blatantly denied of any of its involvement.

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