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CONSCRIPT Game 2022: Everything You Need To Know

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CONSCRIPT Game Introduction:

CONSCRIPT Game Updates: A lone French soldier must navigate twisted trenches, scrounge for limited supplies, and solve intricate riddles all while fighting for survival in the midst of humanity’s most violent and devastating struggle during the First World War. CONSCRIPT is a fresh spin on the survival horror genre.

CONSCRIPT is an upcoming survival horror game from Catchweight Studio in which you play as a lone French soldier in the trenches trying to find your brother during the Battle of Verdun.

What This Game Is About:

CONSCRIPT is a forthcoming survival horror game set in 1916 during World War I and inspired by masterpieces in the genre. CONSCRIPT will combine all of the painful mechanics of previous horror games to create a cohesive, tense, and unique experience.

During the Battle of Verdun, you play as a French soldier looking for his missing-in-action brother. Will you be able to find him and keep a home intact by searching twisted trenches, navigating overrun forts, and crossing no-man’s-land?

  • In the Battle of Verdun, you’ll experience classic and methodical survival horror gameplay in a unique historical environment.
  • With several difficulty settings, alternate scenarios, unlockable costumes, and additional weaponry, the game is highly re-playable.
  • With a variety of melee weapons and weaponry, fend off hostile soldiers and frightening psychic manifestations.
  • Survive in a tense, terrifying environment enhanced by a distinctive pixel art look and unpleasant sound design.
  • Solve tough environmental puzzles while navigating an intricate level design that fosters item management and route planning.
  • Areas with different WW1 themes that intersect and overlap.
  • Catchweight Studio is the creator of this game.
  • Catchweight Studio is the publisher.
  • Release: 2022 – Add to Wishlist & Follow!

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Description Of Mature Content:

The developers describe the content as follows:

This Game may include mature content, frequent violence, or gore that is not suited for all ages or for workplace watching.

Minimum Requirements For The System:

Operating System: Windows 7

Intel Core i5 or comparable processor

On a computer, the maximum amount of memory that may be installed is 4 GB RAM.

Graphics: A graphics card that supports DirectX 9 or higher is required.

Version 9.0 of DirectX

300 MB of storage space is available.

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