chrome os to get adaptive charging to extend battery life

Chrome OS To Get Adaptive Charging To Extend Battery Life On chromebooks: Latest Updates

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Chrome OS will have a native Adaptive Charging feature, which will assist Chromebook owners to extend their device’s battery life. The feature has been identified in development through a freshly uploaded code change noticed by the Chrome OS team, despite the fact that Google has not yet published it.

Adaptive Charging was first made available by Google for their Pixel phones. With the recent release of Android 12, the experience was enhanced and refined for Pixel phone users. Other Android phone manufacturers have also implemented similar charging optimizations. Google has mentioned Adaptive Charging as a new feature in development for Chrome OS, according to 9to5Google.

The feature will be distinct from the Adaptive Charging technology that was first introduced on Pixel phones in December 2020. According to the early details available from the code, it will help reduce the number of times Chromebooks spend with their batteries at 100% charge. When plugged in overnight, the Android version of Adaptive Charging is supposed to “slow” charge Pixel phones to save battery life.

Chromebooks, on the other hand, have different use cases than phones. As a result, the feature on Chrome OS will employ on-device machine learning to recognize usage patterns and determine the appropriate charging pace. This will, according to the code, allow the Chromebook to not only postpone the charging process but also keep it in a manner that will have the least influence on the battery’s longevity.

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chrome os to get adaptive charging to extend battery life

According to the code, Google may also offer notification notifications to consumers when the Adaptive Charging option is active. There may also be a way to turn off the feature. The exact date that Adaptive Charging will be available on Chrome OS is still unknown. It’s also unclear whether the feature would be confined to new Chromebooks or if it will be available as a software update for existing models.

If we look at the phone-focused Adaptive Charging feature, which is currently only available on Pixel phones, Google may initially limit the feature to its Pixelbook series. However, battery aging is becoming a headache for both users and manufacturers, who must either keep additional batteries on hand or provide users with trade-in options for their gadgets. Consumers and manufacturers are both suffering as a result of the widespread use of mobile devices and computers.

s a result, software companies such as Google are attempting to tackle the problem by altering their operating systems to provide some amount of optimization from their end. It’s worth noting that Google isn’t the only one in the contest.

Samsung and OnePlus, for example, have made comparable improvements to their phones. Simultaneously, Apple is optimizing battery charging on its newest iPhone and MacBook models in order to preserve battery health to some extent.

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