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Chris Pratt-Led Garfield Movie To Arrive In 2024: Latest Entertainment Updates!!!

Chris Pratt Updates: In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the information about a Chris Pratt-led ‘Garfield’ movie to arrive in 2024.

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Early in 2024, the animated movie Garfield, starring Chris Pratt, is scheduled to hit theatres.Variety reports that on February 16, 2024, the well-known orange cat will make a comeback on the big screen. Sam L. Jackson, another prominent member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will play Vic, the father of Pratt’s character Garfield. Vic is a new character in the Garfield universe, although other beloved characters from the long running comic strip, like Garfield’s dog Odie and their owner, Jon Arbuckle, are also anticipated to appear in the movie. The only cast members who are currently known are Pratt and Jackson.

Although Pratt is best recognised for his liveaction appearances, he has also provided voices for some notable animated movies, including The Lego Movie and Pixar’s Onward, in which he has leading roles. The still untitled Super Mario Bros. movie, which will be his next animated film, will star Pratt as Mario alongside Charlie Day as Luigi, Anya Taylor Joy as Princess Peach, Jack Black as Bowser, and many others. The premiere date for the Mario movie, which is being produced by Illumination in collaboration with Nintendo and is being released by Universal, has recently been pushed back to April 7, 2023.Shortly after Alcon Entertainment purchased the rights to the Garfield brand, a new animated Garfield movie was initially announced in 2016. When Pratt was cast in the lead role in late 2021, it garnered a lot of media attention. Writing the screenplay is Finding Nemo Oscar contender David Reynolds, who teams up once more with The Emperor’s New Groove director Mark Dindal.

The project is being animated by the animation and visual effects studio DNEG (Ron’s Gone Wrong). The movie will be distributed by Sony Pictures. Worldwide (excluding China).Jim Davis first introduced the character of Garfield in the newspaper comic strip Jon in 1976; the name was then changed to Garfield. In 2013, Garfield was acknowledged as the world’s longest running comic strip, earning Davis a Guinness World Record. The comic strip is still running today.

Numerous animated adaptations of the well-known character, including television series and direct-to-video films, have previously been produced from the Garfield comic strip. In addition, the 2004 liveaction/CGI hybrid movie Garfield: The Movie from 20th Century Fox featured Bill Murray as Garfield’s voice actor. In the 2006 follow-up to the movie, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, Murray played the same part again. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, both liveaction Garfield movies were commercial successes.The movie Garfield debuts in theatres on February 16, 2024.

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