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China Zero Covid: Aggressive Demonstrations In Guangzhou Stretch Curbs!!!

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China Zero Covid Updates: Here Is The Latest World News Update Today About: China Zero Covid The limitations in Guangzhou were stressed by violent protests.

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Residents of the industrial metropolis of Guangzhou in southern China have battled with police after breaking free from a mandatory lockdown as resentment over stringent coronavirus restrictions reached a boiling point.

Dramatic video depicts individuals breaking down Covid control fences. Riot squads have now been placed nearby.

The worst Covid outbreak to hit Guangzhou since the pandemic’s start has preceded it.


The city’s Haizhu District, where residents are instructed to stay at home, had been becoming more tense.

There are a lot of poorer itinerant labourers in the neighbourhood. They have complained of food shortages and soaring prices while residing under Covid control measures, as well as of not getting paid if they are unable to report for work.

They had been fighting with the white-clad Covid prevention enforcement agents for a few nights, but overnight on Monday, the resentment suddenly erupted into a massive act of rebellion on the streets of Guangzhou.

Unfounded rumours have once more been a factor. There have been rumours that the testing businesses are fabricating PCR findings to increase the number of infections in an effort to increase their revenue.

The coronavirus rumour mill is likewise intensifying its campaign in the northern part of the nation.

The city of Shijiazhuang would stop mass testing, according to Hebei Province officials. But this sparked rumours that the populace would be utilised as a test subject to observe what would happen if the virus’s spread was unrestrained.

Under the hashtag #ShijiazhuangCovidprevention, discussion on this has appeared on social media channels.

Many residents in a state of panic have stocked up Chinese medications that are supposed to treat covid illness. According to reports, the city’s supplies are currently all but gone.

A large worker revolt at the Foxconn facility in the central city of Zhengzhou two weeks ago was caused by a similar viral rumour, which has hurt the supply of Apple iPhones around the world.

Everywhere in China, local administrations are fighting to keep up a zero-Covid philosophy without wrecking their economies.

The most recent official factory output and retail sales numbers demonstrate the devastating effects of the pandemic and the government’s response in terms of policy.


In the centre of Chongqing, a massive city in western China, some 20 million people are currently living under a state of lockdown that is paradoxically referred to as “voluntary static management.” This is due to community officials advising them to stay indoors even though there has been no formal notice.

Online humour has suggested that the Chongqing administration didn’t want to announce a widespread lockdown on the same day when steps to relax zero-Covid regulations throughout China were made public.

Life in this area is still dominated by Covid amelioration, so even a slight change in how it is applied might send people into a frenzy.

Authorities in Beijing’s Chaoyang district made the decision to close several of the street-side testing booths and relocate them into housing projects at the beginning of this week.

The number of PCR stations abruptly decreased. Many office buildings have a daily result requirement that must be met in order to enter. The lines were extremely long at the booths that were open.

Zero-Covid is not going well, as evidenced by the protests of the workers trapped in Tibet who demanded to leave Lhasa and the lockdown of the whole Xinjiang province.

A series of adjustments made last week that softened the restrictions a little bit were interpreted as a hint that future softening was also possible. However, even if the government is thinking about it, it could not be soon enough.

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China Zero Covid
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